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What is hospital housing for medical stays in Los Angeles?

Hospital Housing for Medical Stays in Los Angeles

If you must have medical treatment or a procedure in Los Angles like at UCLA Medical Center or at Cedar Sinai Medical Center renting a furnished apartment for a medical stay in Los Angeles might be the ideal option for an assortment of reasons.

  1. Close Proximity to Medical Centers: Doesn’t waste time.  If you need to go back and forth to the hospital, you can choose from furnished housing options for medical stays in Los Angeles that are conveniently very close to your hospital where you are receiving treatment.
  • Why Not Be More Comfortable? While convalescing or recovering from treatment or a procedure.  Having more space than a furnished apartment for medical stays allows you all the conveniences in a far more comfortable environment compared to a hotel.  Along with having triple the space, you have a Washer/Dryer in Unit, Walk -in Shower options, Full-speed kitchen, private high-speed Wi-Fi, spacious call-king beds and on- site parking all included.  
  • Ideal for Families: For patients and families alike,if you have family staying or visitation, having a 2 or 3 bedroom can be very convenient and easier to make your stay more economical and comfortable compared to staying at a hotel. This can make trips back and forth to the hospital and the apartment quick and easier for everyone.
  • Flexible Lease Terms: Sometimes you just don’t know how long treatment and procedures will take for recovery.  Doctors sometimes don’t exactly know how long everything will take. That’s why choosing a furnished apartment as your hospital housing option in Los Angeles allows you to go on a month-to-month lease term with only a 14-day notice to vacate.  This gives you the flexibility to know that you only need to rent at the time you need the apartment and nothing more.  We often work very closely with patients in medical stays to make sure they don’t need to pay unnecessary rent if the medical center discharges the patient. 
  • Elective Surgery & Treatment: if you are looking for the comfort, discreteness and privacy while recovering from surgery, A short-term rental in Los Angels for medical stays might be your best option because your furnished apartment for medical stay in Los Angeles has everything you need and allows you to customize your lease with the option to extend if necessary.

    Los Angeles Furnished Apartment Locations
  • What locations should you be looking for:
    • UCLA Medical Center & Ronald Reagan Medical Center: Recommended look for hospital housing in Westwood/UCLA location which is walking distance to the medical center.  Also, the Wilshire Corridor/Westwood location is also an ideal location very close by. 
    • Cedars Sinai Medical Center: choose from a variety of buildings close by on the Beverly Hills (link) location page. Also, another option is the Wilshire Corridor/Westwood (link) page, which many patients like the full-service building with only a 16 minute/4.3-mile drive distance. 
    • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: If the need to come in for pediatric treatment and need furnished housing. Glendale (need link) is an ideal location and ease of accessibility 20 minutes/ 5.5 miles away.  With the Americana at Brand, an outdoor shopping mall full of entertainment, restaurants and shopping makes this an ideal location when looking for immediate things to do that are walking distance from your furnished apartment that close to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. 
    • USC Medical Center: Choose from the DowntownLA (need link) location with luxury high rise building only 16 minutes/5.5 miles away. 

Having housed many patients for medical housing needs in Los Angeles, call so you can find out your options.


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