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Corporate Housing, Furnished Apartments & Relocation Companies  

The corporate lodging industry is huge. It’s one of the few sectors that, despite the reduction of travel during the pandemic, was able to bounce as business travel and travel, in general, had pent-up demand.

So, who are the major influencers today? Who should you work with if you’re searching for corporate housing or a furnished apartment for rent? Oakwood was the original industry leader but disbanded all its operations in the U.S. a few years ago.

When looking for cities all over the country and the world,  we can give you a list of the best corporate housing, furnished apartment rental, and relocation providers for 2023 so you can make an educated choice for yourself to see the differences to fit your requirements.


A leader in business housing for the greater Los Angeles market. We have housing choices that are completely furnished in almost every LA submarket, both large and small. Don’t trust us? To find out for yourself, visit our housing locations website and look through our listings.

Every single rental comes fully equipped with all household goods and services. Gas, water, internet access, TV (YouTube & Netflix), and electricity all fall under this category.

Top 25 corporate housing and furnished apartments
Furnished apartments and furnished apartment list


Starting in 1998, their experience in this housing sector is second to none.  Originally the company used its extensive knowledge of the New York City real estate market, they offer residences in all the top neighborhoods in the city.    As well as being specialists in New York, Since then, they have expanded their focus to cities such as Boston, San Francisco, and London England. 


National Corporate Housing is a sizable worldwide supplier of furnished temporary housing covering most cities throughout the United State as well as Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.  

They have extensive experience with over 1050 plus years of employees in the corporate housing sector.  

They are perfect for businesses that need to hire employees both domestically and abroad.


Travelers Haven appeared in recent years to take over the business housing market specializing in the healthcare, relocation, and construction sectors. Its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, and it manages properties in every state and metropolis in the nation.

The company handles most requests from businesses, insurance companies, the government, the military, and anyone else who needs completely furnished rentals.


Based out of St Louis MO, Another experienced and large national supplier of furnished rentals in the US that primarily focus and primary emphasis on the Mid-West market. Although it offers a very similar service to National Corporate Housing, the company they have its niche.

The business focuses on providing adaptable lodging with a la carte amenities with a personal touch. 

List of the best furnished apartment companies
List of furnished rental companies


With more than 60,000 properties in its portfolio, specializes in a database providing business housing.

The Colorado-based business offers flexible furnished leases to businesses, the medical community, governmental organizations, law enforcement, insurance firms, and anyone else needing housing for at least 30 days.


In the US, FOX business Housing is a no-nonsense, premium provider of business housing. It encourages rents with everything included, upscale properties, and completely inclusive rents.

The business has over 1000 properties listed on its books and is in Houston, Texas. These encompass all types of residences nationwide, including homes and penthouses.


Coming from the tech sector, it has grown very quickly to become a global supplier with its inventory.    This venture-capital company is considered more of an OTA (Online Travel Agency) that is designed to book online.  Does not give the personal touch if you have any questions or changes.  Much of their inventory excludes Washers/Dryers in units. 

Global corporate housing provider Blueground now has properties all over the globe. This business has locations and employees all over the world, giving it a broader global perspective than most.

In North America, the Middle East, and the EU, it offers business housing.



In the US, CWS Corporate Housing focuses on short-term leases. The business has thousands of properties on its books and several regional locations including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Washington state, Massachusetts, Florida, and Washington DC..

The Round Rock, Texas-based business is expanding quickly and gradually adding properties to its books.

Corporate housing companies
Corporate housing companies


A smaller business with an emphasis on Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Pennsylvania is called Corporate Apartment Specialists.

They offer turnkey services to businesses and government organizations and own hundreds of properties throughout those four areas.


Having originally broken away from Oakwood, Synergy Global Housing is now one of the largest corporate housing providers focusing on corporate relocation globally. Headquartered in Bay Area, They have offices all over the US, including San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Orange County, New York, Dublin Ireland, London, Singapore, and India, giving them a significant global footprint.


Nestpick is a European business with operations in the US. Despite being bigger in the EU than they are here, they are still able to dominate the local market.

To provide longer stay accommodations in prestigious cities around Europe, the company collaborates with businesses, the government, and tourists.


SIRVA is a relocation company with an emphasis on HR/Mobility more than a corporate housing company.  

The business offers everything related to relocating, including moving, transportation coordination, relocation services, mortgages, and services for visas and immigration.

List of furnished apartments for rent
List of luxury furnished apartments for rent


Sacramento CA  based  Key Housing is a property-based business with a narrower emphasis on the California sub-markets throughout the state in pretty much every small city. Although it doesn’t quite have the same portfolio as the more national companies, the company has a strong Californian reach.


Based out of the UK, with US headquarters in Denver.  This is an international business lodging supplier catering to business travelers, travel management, and relocation. It is present all over the globe, including in the Middle East, Asia, and the EU. In addition, it serves the entire local US market with furnished rentals with over 2000 property operators.  


The Serviced Apartment Company, or SACO, provides both serviced and business properties.

SACO primarily has flats, but it also has houses. They have a price match program, but we didn’t try it so we can’t say how effective it is. Other than that, the business appears to be a strong competitor in the corporate housing industry.


A company called 2nd Address, which provides corporate housing in the US, has about 4,300 properties available. Although it isn’t quite as large as some of these other projects, the craftsmanship is excellent.

The business provides curated homes, owner-run rentals, and professional housing. All should offer high-quality housing that is completely furnished and prepared.


Headquartered in San Diego, but with worldwide offices in Phoenix, London, and Hong Kong. Nomad comes with vast experience working with high-end companies and corporations.  Again, coming out of Oakwood, Nomad offers a vast array of experience with 300,000 apartment options globally.  


With over 30 years of operations, Based out of Seattle WA, Reside has a major emphasis on corporate relocation, tech, and intern space.  However, reside is worldwide offering accommodations in 60 counties, with 500 global partners, and all 50 states.


Based out of Tampa FL, Oasis has rapidly expanded out of its local market to become a national provider throughout the U.S. covering a variety of fields including healthcare, insurance carriers, entertainment, government, construction, vacationers as well as individuals.  


Based in Phoenix, nationally they help insurance policyholders find housing from a flood or fire.  They work with insurance carriers, and adjusters, to help policyholders find the right type of temporary housing relocation during remediations and construction.  


Based out of Chicago, ALE offers all types of relocation needs providing the largest temporary housing options for families suffering from catastrophic loss from fire or floor.  They work with insurance companies, and adjusters to help find the right type of furnished housing for the policyholder’s specific needs and requirements.  


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, OWL in its present form started in 2016.  Based out of San Diego, Utilizing technology, OWL has a successful platform that allows inquiries on nationwide furnished apartment options along with personal service.  


Specializing in every level around the world, employee relocation offers an extensive area of support and services throughout the entire process.  


With over 50-year experience, Offering extensive mobility services ‘in-house’ to help make sure the whole relocation process complies. Including unparalleled real estate insights, tax solutions, shipping solutions, and extensive resources to make any relocation go smoothly and efficiently.  


Rivalling Blueground, again another OTA that came out of the tech space.  that has an extensive online platform of apartments in a variety of cities in which you can book directly online similar to  Focus more on the individual and not the business traveler, 

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