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Temporary housing with furnishings

Do You Want to Make Sure Your Stay Goes Smoothly!?  Sometimes you are looking for the best deal out there, but neglecting all these issues that can have a significant effect on your stay.

One plan, we ask you the following questions if they are important to you?

Why do you ask? What can possibly go wrong?  Well, unfortunately we hear all the other stories that can make your extended stay unpleasant. Sometimes we hear that all that matters is the price, that’s true, price is important but how much are you willing to be inconvenienced with these common problems that we hear about? Here are often overlooked items that are worth considering prior to your reservation:

Temporary housing with furnishings
Temporary housing with furnishings

Here are 10 Points to Consider in Order to Make sure You Have a Great Stay:


  1. Is it Important to Have a Smooth Check in Process?  After a long flight, you finally arrive at your apartment location. You haven’t been given clear instructions on how to get in or contact information.  You just hope there will be someone there, usually the Security Guard, and you or that you can easily find the lock box to get the key. We take these potential headaches away by personally checking you into the apartment. If you do have a late check-in, we give you detailed instructions and you have our personal contact number in case you need more help and clarification.
  1.  Is it Important to have One Point of contact Throughout Your Stay?  No Local representation – What does that mean? Well, sometimes there are no local representatives in the area to assist. If you run into an issue, this can be problematic because it might take days before you are taken care of. That’s not the case with us, you always have local representation who can assist with your needs and questions immediately and personally.   Local representative – Having a local representative, you have their direct cell phone number so in case you have any issues, questions and needs, you can text or call to make sure you are not inconvenienced.
  1. Bed Comfort – sleep is so important, and we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your stay. We find many people like distinct types of beds, whether they’re firm or soft. We make sure your bed is comfortable by offering memory phone toppers if you are looking for extra comfort.
  2. Making Sure Your Maintenance Requests are Promptly Fixed – What happens if you have a maintenance issue/ Do you want it fixed quickly? What if you can’t get hold of anyone? As you have direct access to cell phone numbers, we can enter a work order immediately so that you are not inconvenienced for exceptionally long. Depending on the issue, sometimes we can stop by and take care of it ourselves immediately.
  3. Not having to Worry about Technical Issues – Do you want to be rest assured you have no Wi-Fi issues during your stay? With technical issues becoming increasingly common place, there are many glitches that can affect your Wi-Fi, and there’s nothing worse than having to wait 24-48 hours before someone can look to see if they can get it running again. Rest assured, our team are experts in trouble shooting and get your Wi-Fi___33 working immediately. We can even trouble shoot over the phone in the evenings and weekends to make sure you’re not inconvenienced. 
  4. No worry about TV Issues – this goes the same with TV Issues. You can enjoy all the same benefits of TV viewing from home with a Roku system built into every TV. This means having access to all programing including recordings of all current TV episodes and Netflix access. What happens if I experience any technical issues? No Problem, we have skilled representatives who had assist with any matter, whether it’s in the evenings or weekends so that you never have to wait and be inconvenienced.
  5. Making Sure You Have Reliable Assistance – You don’t have to worry about calling a Service Center for any questions or issues you might have during your stay. You will be in contact directly with your agent’s cell phone and even the representative who checks you in, you will have their cell phone too.
  6. Are there Online Recommendations or Testimonials? – It might be a clever idea to check on google reviews and testimonials to have confidence during your stay.
  7. Quality Professional Cleaning – We use handpicked, trustworthy, cleaners to make sure your apartment is in perfect condition, and well, as a physical inspection prior to your move-in. If you ever find anything in the apartment that is dissatisfactory, let us know immediately so that the issue can be corrected.
  8. Why an Apartment over an Extended Stay? Can live with just a kitchenette and compact Washer/Dryer? Kitchenette works well if you have a short stay, but there is not much room to place all your groceries which might mean making multiple trips to the supermarket due to a lack of storage space. With a Full-size Kitchen, that you find in an apartment, you are not going to run into this issue. Also, a compact Washer/Dryer sometimes found in an Extended Stay is very limiting, only allowing a small amount of laundry to be completed in each load. The advantage you have of a Full-Size Washer/Dryer in your apartment means you can complete all your laundry in one load, thus avoiding having to do multiple loads and reducing your time.

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