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Short Term Rentals Los Angeles, California

                                            Need Short Term Rentals in LA? Check Out These Desirable Locations  Available Throughout Los Angeles.

                                               Offering You Short Term Furnished Apartments with Lease Flexibility Including Sort After Amenities. 

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Los Angeles Furnished Apartment Locations

  1. Avoid a Lease Trap! You can eliminate being stuck in a committed  lease term that you don’t need. Let’s say for example, you sign a 3- or 6-month lease term with a property, only to find out you only need 1 or 2 months only.  That’s a problem because now you are committed to paying monthly rent on an apartment you now don’t need! You could easily throw away $10,000-$20,000 on rent!
  2. Lease Customization: So why not customize the lease term to exactly what you want and need so that you avoid paying unnecessary rent?
    Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles
  3. Save 14% on Taxes! With any 30-night stay, you automatically save yourself 14% on short-term occupancy taxes that hotels and extended stays charge you on top of the nightly rate compared to short term apartments in Los Angeles.
  4. Avoid OTAs! Online Travel Agencies are very popular these days, such as Airbnb and But you might waste hours searching for the right rental while trying to figure it out yourself. The problem is as it’s online, what happens if someone already books your unit if you need to possibly extend? That is a worry and a real hassle if now cannot extend your stay! And now you must start the entire process all over again searching for a new short-term rental!
  5. Solution: Would you prefer to have a short-term lease term where you call the shots if you need to extend your stay you don’t have to vacate unnecessarily? Contact us now and find out how to avoid this overlooked issue and save significant time searching allowing an experience representative to help you in your decision-making process at (888) 743-3390.
  6. What happens if I Don’t Know How Long I Need? You can pick from weekly rentals if you are still unsure how long you might need. There are exceptional circumstances whereby you just don’t know how long you need to stay and sometimes you can only commit to a short term.  In these situations, there is the 14% occupancy tax incurred on top of the rental rate for a furnished apartment Los Angeles.
  7. Everything Included! No set fees! Everything is included in the rate. All your utilities, beddings, linens, towels, housewares, kitchenware’s, utilities, Wi-Fi, cable, and parking with your short term furnished rental in Los Angeles.
  8. So Why Not go with a hotel or Extended Stay Instead? Where to begin!
    1. Price: With a hotel you are only paying for a room which does not include 14% taxes, daily Wi-Fi charges ($20-50 a day), daily parking ($30-40 a day).
    2. Much More Space: A hotel room is usually only 300 SF vs a 1-bedroom apartment is 750-850 SF.
    3. Full Size Kitchen is a Must: Even if you stay in an extended stay, do you really want to be having to go to the grocery store every other day! Fridges and pantries are small and don’t fit much vs why have the convenience of a Full-Size Kitchen with water filter and ice maker that will save you time?
  1. Washer/Dryer Included in Unit: Eliminate the time and hassle of community or communal laundry. Your short-term rental Los Angeles has it included in the apartment so no need to coordinate getting your clothes washed.
  2. Making it Easy to Work at Home: Included in the rent you automatically have the following:
    1. Wi-Fi Need for Speed: You have your own Private High-speed Wi-Fi Network from 500 Mbps-1 Gbps for your Short-term rental in Los angles. Your Private Wi-Fi Network is NOT shared with strangers like at a hotel or Extended stay. Is only for you thus avoiding any hacking or access to your personal info. Need faster speeds? Just let us know and we will up it for you.
    2. Desk and printer included. No need to go to a business center or a Kinkos if you need to print up an important document. You have one in the unit. You save time when your rent a short-term Lease apartment in Los Angeles
      Furnished Apartment Near Cedar Sinai Hospital Living Room
  1. Parking Included: You have your own garage parking assigned spaces in a gated building that allows you direct elevator access to your short-term furnished apartment in Los Angeles.
  2. Walkable Communities: Choose from a variety of the most popular various locations throughout the city.
  3. Amenities: Many communities included both pool and gym on-site.
  4. Pet-Friendly: No problem with pets. Each unit is professionally cleaned,  detailed, shampooed, the air has a ozone machine with each turn.


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Los Angeles Furnished Apartment Locations

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