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Furnished apartments for long-term rentals

 Are You Looking to Rent Long-Term but Need Lease Flexibility in Case You Need to Leave Early?

Are you looking for a Furnished Apartment in Los Angeles for a long-term lease? Look no further! You can create your customized lease for the exact length of your stay which means you don’t have to be stuck in a longer lease paying extra rent you don’t need. Because you are renting on a month-to-month lease term, you eliminate the worry of paying 2 months lease breakage penalty apartments buildings charge for long-term lease with their required 60-day notice to vacate. Also, you can save time with a quick and streamlined process via DocuSign lease e-sign, so you can move in quickly eliminating time-consuming paperwork.


Furnished apartments for long-term rentals


Furnished apartments for long-term rentals

Offering You Flexible Lease Options and Extensions


If you are unsure about how long you need to stay, no problem, with the appropriate notice, you can extend your stay for the exact number of prorated nights or months if necessary. So, unbelievably, no worries if your move-out date is TBD, as you have the option to extend as many times as you need. This means you avoid wasting your money by committing to a longer lease term than you need. Therefore, there is something liberating not being stuck in a lease.    


Sanitized Apartment With
Quality Control

Being professional & Certified Corporate Housing and “Serviced” Apartment Provider, you receive the “Quality Control” expected with your reservation. All our apartments are professionally cleaned, sanitized, fully inspected and detailed prior to your move in giving you “peace-of-mind” that you are in a fresh and safe environment during your stay. Alternatively, sometimes we hear horror stories about lack-of-cleanliness horror stories from clients who have stayed in another furnished apartment run by an individual based solely on price. So, it depends how important value vs price is to you.


Ideal for Many Different Types of Temporary Stays

If you are considering Corporate Housing in Los Angeles for a vacation or business travels, you will find there are many ideal situations whereby a furnished apartment might be ideal over a hotel.  A furnished apartment is often a perfect option for instances such as: job relocation, business travel, projects, vacation, family visitations, escrows, medical treatments, home remodeling, and insurance claims. Therefore, you receive benefits such as a Full-Size Kitchen, so you don’t have the added expense of eating out for every meal. You will have significantly more habitable space for your money compared to an individual hotel room. You won’t have the hassle of running out of clothes to wear because each apartment has its own in-unit Washer/Dryer. Also, you will have your own peace-of-mind with your own exclusive private Wi-Fi network, so don’t have to worry about sharing the communal area Wi-Fi network with strangers like with a hotel. And you will have your own assigned garage parking spaces included in the rental rate. 

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