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May I make a suggestion…!

Moving to a new city can be very stressful, especially when when you are trying to settle int your new surroundings and you need to up and running with a new job or work project. Why not let Bedford Corporate Housing help you alleviate some of that stress by providing you the ease of immediate move-in, with a corporate apartment in Los Angeles located in  the most desirable areas and apartment communities?  

Avoid a hotel or extended stay:

What can come to mind is the option of staying in a extended stay or a small hotel room which can be very impractical if you end up needing to stay longer.

Staying in a corporate housing apartment in Los Angeles can actually end up being the economical choice without making any sacrifices when it comes to significantly more space, convenience of Washer/Dryer in unit, Private high-speed wifi network, desk and in unit printer and reserved parking all included in the rent. Also, staying in a corporate apartment is designed to give you the quietness, space and more relaxation you might need when adjusting to your new  environment.

A Flexible or Month to Month Lease Term:

The problem can be is where do you start?  When you are lodging for an expanded period of time but there can be situations when your move-out date is still to  be determined. , Going directly to a property can force you into an longer lease term you really don’t need?

Do you think connect with local representatives who can meet and contact on their cell phone would help give you peace of mind so you can choose the right corporate apartment customize with a lease customized to your terms.  This is designed to help you explore your options to make sure you enter a lease term to specifically the exact time that you need with easy extension options so that you avoid paying excess rent if you are stuck in lets say a three month lease term.

Are you against avoiding hidden fees!?

There are no add on charges to your contract , which is typically found in a hotel because you have the hidden added expenses for such things as parking, taxes and wifi daily charges. You will avoid these fees in your agreement as they are not found in corporate apartments in Los Angeles.

How important is space and comfort! ?

So you can choose corporate housing apartments that can be 3x larger than a hotel or an extended stay. Plus each bedroom comes with a California King bed which is ideal for couples or anyone over 6’ tall so that there is enough leg room!. This can be a problem for anyone who is tall because with a queen or eastern king bed the feet will hang over the side! So why not ensure a good nights sleep instead?!.

Amenity driven communities:

Most of the properties have amenities at a corporate apartment in Los Angeles that come with fully equipped on-site fitness centers, shimmering swimming pools with outdoor lounge areas including so you can relax and work outside on the community wifi  to maximize enjoyment of the SoCal climate. Consequently most of the apartment building are high-end and offer you all these options with community wifi availability.

Do you disagree with saving time?!?

So how do you save time in your research so that you can be comfortable in the right community and neighborhood? Find out which corporate apartments in Los Angeles are best situated with walkable  grocery stores, cafes, restaurants where you won’t need a car to get around. 

So what do you think!?

You see, residing in a 300 SF hotel room or extended stay for a lengthy time is not restful or advantageous when you require a space to work from or after a long day at the office or location. It could be tiring and expensive eating out three time a day gets exhausting. Not to mention time consuming

Benefits of your own Full-size Kitchen:

With choosing a corporate apartment in Los Angeles you will know how to prepare meal times as like you are at home saving significant dollars.  There are a lot of thing that can be overlooked and that why a local agent who know the city can help you.

Would you want your agents direct cell phone number?

There can be situations that unexpectedly arise and you want urgent help. Having your local agent’s cell phone can give you peace of mind that they are there for you to assist with any question or issue . Small issues such as wifi connectivity questions, or troubleshooting issues can be resolved in just one simple phone call.

So is it fair to say…

Relocating to a new city can be tricky, whether its for business or leisure. So why not request information from a representative today and let process this together your housing requirements for your trip to Los Angeles. ONLY ONE CALL  at (888) 743-3390 so you can resolve your lodging needs to save you time and aggravation!

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