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Hotel & Airbnb Internet concerns

Looking for optimal internet performance without the worry and concern of being hacked! Well at all hotels, you are using their public Wi-Fi at slow internet speed of 25-50 Mbps. That means all your personal data is exposed and can easily be hacked.

Not only that, but you are also paying $25 a day to the hotel use a slightly faster internet speed. This slow performance can potentially slow you down and can be very frustrating, especially if you have important Zoom conference calls.

TV's In Every room

• 55″ Roku TV in every living room allowing you easy access to unlimited programming options including Streaming Cable like YouTube TV or Sling TV for foreign programming with built in DVRs. Also access your Netflix Account, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO accounts immediately to name a few.

• 40″ Roku TVs in every bedroom. You also have the exact same benefits in every bedroom.

• Blu-ray DVD player included as an alternative option.

• 24/7 experience support for troubleshooting if you need any assistance including weekends and evenings to make sure you always stay connected without interruption.

• Wireless Printer/Scanner included in every apartment so you can easily print out documents from your phone or laptop. Ideal for business travelers.

Maintenance Requests

If you have a building maintenance request, upon notification, we will immediately place the work order on your behalf. This is usually for an emergency, HVAC, electrical or plumbing issue related to the apartment. We just must know if you give the building maintenance “Permission to Enter (PTE)” if you are not home. This usually means the repair will be completed quicker.

However, if you prefer maintenance to notify you prior to going into your unit, we will provide your cell phone so they can contact you directly. For other troubleshooting issues, we can often fix it ourselves as we have experience field crew to address maintenance issues to reduce your wait time. 24/7 After Hour Issues and WeekendsWe are available during this time, if you have an issue our team can help you address any issue. If you have a problem or an emergency, we are available to assist with any issue.

You will avoid this potential issue

Nothing worse than after a long journey when you are tired having confusions and complications with checking in with you the lock box location and accessing your unit.

Need advice if you are new to LA?

Recommendations for all sorts of services:

• Local Communities, Events, & Entertainment

• Recommended Restaurants, Cafes, and places to go

• Schools (Public and Private)

• Local Storage & Moving Services

• What if you are going to be in the market to look for a home purchase in the future and need to start getting a feel for the market and see what options are there for you? Check out the useful Resource Page of a variety of professionals we have built relationships whereby they have been verified and trusted.

Unique Furniture Options and Customization to Specifically Fit Your Needs

• What happens if you need specific furniture set? Well, you have options to adjust bed configurations, and add desks and workstations if necessary to fit your specific needs.

• Need an extra bed? Options in adding roll-a-away bed for your convenience, or you can add a Pac N Play (portable crib) or a crib, baby chair for an infant.

• If you need a roll-a-way bed, this is another option we can provide which fits a Twin mattress or you can easily fold up to conserve space.

• All beds in Master Bedroom are Cal-King Size which is ideal for anyone over six’ tall so that your feet are not hanging out of the bed. Also, even if you are by yourself, you have plenty of room on the bed to sprawl out all your devices and materials without compromising your comfort.

• Bed Comfort is a priority; all our mattresses are inspected and mattress protectors on them. If you need any additional comfort, we have memory foam mattress toppers available.

• Bed-Swaps and furniture swaps for a $250-300 fee can be down if you want bed types reconfigured and customized, or if you need a home-office desk set are all options available to you.

• Bidet-Sprayers, we can customize your toilet if you wish to have installed a bidet-sprayer, which is important and necessary in some countries and cultures.

• Difficulty sleeping? Other Items sometimes include black-out curtains for late sleepers, built in safe for sensitive documents and valuables.

Find the Right Furnished
Apartment to fit Your Needs

Find the Right Furnished
Apartment to fit Your Needs