Short Term Apartments in Los Angeles

You can choose from many places in the most famous neighborhoods, suitable for all ages, because their charm and their favorable location allow you to reach the most important places by walking. It is a unique commercial and residential community that places you centrally in the most desirable Los Angeles destinations, like Westwood, Beverly Hills, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Glendale, The Grove, Burbank, and Redondo Beach.

Would you like to live within walking distance of Beverly Hills to the east or Santa Monica and Century City? Our apartment complexes are ideal for short- and long-term furnished rentals, due to their incredible location and proximity to these places of interest.

You will not need to use a car and get stuck in traffic to shop and commission. Everything is nearby for your well-being and comfort.

Whether you visit the village of Westwood as a tourist, on vacation, or whether you’re here on a business trip, our corporate accommodation in Los Angeles gives you the chance to feel at home, even when you’re away!

How do we make this possible?

From taking care of your accommodation to impeccable customer service, Bedford Corporate takes care of your wellbeing from the beginning of your stay until the end.

As a renowned real estate company in the international territory, we make you feel at ease, even when you are away from home. That is our mission.

At Bedford Housing, we manage and maintain a select inventory of the most elegant luxury furnished apartments for short-term rentals in Los Angeles, combining comfort, space, home-like environment, and the convenience of having an apartment completely managed by you during your stay, without giving up the facilities and services offered by hotels.

Bedford housing exists to give travelers a home while they are on vacation, business trip, or tourist purposes in Los Angeles. Our Glendon apartments in Westwood have what it takes to transform your experience away to a home experience!

Renting an apartment in place of lodging in a hotel room while you are away on a business trip, vacation, or as a tourist might seem like an extravagance, but believe me, it’s not as crazy as you might think.

Leaving your home for fun or work puts you outside your comfort zone. Why not eliminate this uncomfortable feeling in an apartment that makes you feel at home?

Renting a short-term apartment in Los Angeles, instead of a hotel room, while you are away can actually save you a little money and provide you with a comfort zone with a better experience if you plan it right.

Leaving your home for fun or work puts you outside your comfort zone. Why not eliminate this uncomfortable feeling in an apartment that makes you feel at home?

Wouldn’t you prefer staying in an apartment of your own, fully furnished down to the smallest detail, to offer a welcoming and comfortable environment like your home?

Not everyone realizes how much more intelligent it can be to stay in an apartment, both to save some money and to live an incredible experience.

For you and for anyone who decides to be our guest, we have created a unique experience with numerous benefits that you will not want to give up.

If you break it down, you will understand better that the cost of renting a short-term apartment or condo can be cheaper than paying for a hotel every night, especially if you will be staying in here for a week or probably more.

If you think about it, the cost of a week of accommodation in a hotel can cover a whole month of stay in a rented apartment. Also, if you decide to stay for the whole month the rent can be prorated.

This is the major benefit of renting a furnished apartment over a hotel. While a well-furnished apartment is almost as good as staying in your home, lodging in a hotel can be likened with staying in your uncle’s apartment, where you won’t feel free and will even be afraid of touching and utilizing many things.

In your rented apartment, even if it is for a short period of time, you are more or less like the property owner for the time being. Rather than being confined in a small room in a hotel, you will enjoy the full benefit of staying at home while you are away from home.

Most often, when you are traveling with your family or in a group, you can encounter many difficulties when staying in a hotel. Whether rooms or common areas, having the comfort of your own home on vacation is everyone’s dream.

And the same is true when traveling in a group.

That’s why we have numerous apartment configurations for you to choose from to find the one that best suits your needs.

Do you need a large living room to gather in the evening and a room for each member to give everyone their privacy? By Renting a house with Bedford Corporate, this is possible and much cheaper than a hotel.

Even if you are a bad cook, having a large kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator will save you a lot of money. Eating out is expensive, so you can heat leftovers from the restaurant or choose dishes from the supermarket that are easy to cook.

Having a kitchen is essential for coping with special diets and culinary needs, without having to spend a fortune in restaurants and risk eating food not suitable for your diet.

Especially if you travel with your family or in a group, having a full-sized kitchen will allow for big savings, so you can use that money for more fun activities.

Staying in a hotel, as comfortable as it may seem, comes with a lot of worries – like having to comply with curfew schedules or to take part in services you have paid for.

Have you ever gotten up late at a hotel and not been able to eat the breakfast you paid for?

In your rented apartment, you will be able to manage your hours and your privacy. You can also request the cleaning of the apartment when you want; you won’t have to worry about cleaning services that burst into your room when you least expect it.

Most hotels have the facilities to carry out laundry services, but this comes at a cost – usually on the high side.

Your furnished apartment will have the same facilities, but there won’t be any additional charges as long as you can do it yourself. This will save you money, especially if you travel with your family and have little children who dirty their clothes quickly while playing.

When we say a “rented furnished apartment”, don’t assume it’s just a building that will allow you to spend less.

It is a special accommodation that will give you nothing but complete comfort. The majority of our furnished apartments have all the necessary facilities are you are likely to enjoy in a hotel, such as a pool, conference center, gym, spa, and concierge.

There are also restaurants and other facilities you might wish for, like amazing places for relaxation, available in the neighborhood. Your comfort is our major concern, and we promise to offer you the same level of treatment you would enjoy in your home.

Who said that staying in an apartment is not as comfortable as a hotel? With the same services as a hotel, with the comfort that only a house can give you, staying in our apartments is even better.

When you rent any of our furnished apartments in Westwood Village, one of the things you will enjoy is total transparency. We offer you whatever is advertised.

Unlike hotels, with additional charges like the 12% tax that is always added to the initial cost of booking, when you stay for a month with Bedford luxury apartments, we will help you avoid the 12% hotel tax rule.

We understand the fact that every individual deserves total privacy, especially when it comes to the internet and data usage. Also, we understand that your data is unsafe when you browse the internet using public wi-fi provided by a hotel, regardless of its speed. That is why all our housing offers a luxury apartment with individual internet facilities.

When you rent any of our apartments, your wi-fi network belongs to just you and your family. We are 100% confident that your data is secured cannot be accessed by someone else.

Being at home means having access to all the comforts you are used to. Why give up cable TV with access to your movies and TV series?

Part of what makes our Glendon apartments in Westwood Village a complete facility suitable for every traveler is a Cable TV with access to Netflix. Not every hotel will be able to provide you with this facility; some may provide you with other options, based on their capability and class.

At Bedford Corporate Housing, we take delight in making your traveling experience equivalent to your home experience, and that is why all our Westwood apartments are equipped with Roku-ready cable TV with Netflix. With that, you can access foreign language channels of your choice, just as you do in your home.

Our short-term lease in Los Angeles apartments are located in strategic locations – including some of the best locations in the community. Easily at a walking distance, you can reach services necessary for your stay, such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and famous places of interest and culture.

Our Westwood temporary housing in Los Angeles apartments combine real-life home experience with the services you get in a hotel, and you can hardly differentiate between your experience in our furnished apartment and what you get when you are at home.

When you choose to stay in one of our short-term rental apartments in Westwood, you will save a substantial amount, as we will arrange a conducive accommodation for you in a place very close to your target places in Westwood Village.

Glendon Furnished Apartments in Westwood Village are completely furnished, and everything you need to make your stay full of happy memories already is present in the ideal home.

To the best of our knowledge, we can say all you need to move in or move out is your suitcase. Indeed, our apartment can be called your home away from home.

Glendon Furnished Apartments in Westwood Village are completely furnished, and everything you need to make your stay full of happy memories already is present in the ideal home.

To the best of our knowledge, we can say all you need to move in or move out is your suitcase. Indeed, our apartment can be called your home away from home.

What are You Waiting For? Revolutionize the Way of Traveling

Have you ever thought about renting an apartment for travel? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Although many people tell you that staying in a hotel is the best solution, you know perfectly well that, after all the benefits listed, it’s not the best.

Staying in a hotel is not as comfortable as staying at home, and we at Bedford Corporate offer you just that: being at home even when you are away.

What will you do when you leave the next time? Will you stay at a hotel and renounce all these benefits, or will you rent one of our furnished apartments in Los Angeles to live an incredible experience?

But be careful. The benefits we have described are offered only at Bedford Corporate.

Only a real estate company with years of experience and trust in the area, like ours, can offer apartments of this kind with all the benefits described.

Don’t complain if you book from another site and don’t end up having access to all of these incredible benefits

Check our locations at any time on our website and contact us for suitable accommodation.

Regardless of your family size, we will provide you with the best accommodation – big enough to offer you the comfort you deserve with your family.

We are always available 24 hours a day to offer assistance in ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay without problems.

Have you had bad experiences renting an apartment in the past? This is because you didn’t choose Bedford Corporate. Your satisfaction is our priority. Forget about all the bad experiences you’ve had in the past. Our services will be unforgettable.

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