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Enjoy the Following Services & Features in Your Furnished Apartment in Los Angeles


Bedford Corporate Housing’s fully furnished apartments come with a variety of special services and amenities guaranteed to make your stay in Los Angeles as relaxing, enjoyable, and convenient as possible. Browse below and call us at 1-800-770-1752.


Tech Savvy Apartments

We provide you technology! Our boutique extended stay philosophy ensure that every item in your short term apartment is selected with your comfort and convenience in mind.
Everything you need for entertainment and business efficiency is ready to go, from state-of-the-art screens with streaming capabilities, to home office equipment and private secure Wi-Fi.


  • 55″ Roku TV in every living room allowing you easy access to unlimited programming options including Streaming Cable like YouTube TV or Sling TV for foreign programming with built in DVRs. Also access your Netflix Account, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO accounts immediately to name a few.


  • 40″ Roku TVs in every bedroom. You also have the exact same benefits in every bedroom
  • High Speed Private Wi-Fi Network dedicated only to your apartment and not shared with anyone like in a hotel.


  • Blu-ray DVD player included as an alternative option.


  • 24/7 experience support for troubleshooting if you need any assistance including weekends and evenings to make sure you always stay connected without interruption.


  • Wireless Printer/Scanner included in every apartment so you can easily print out documents from your phone or laptop. Ideal for business travelers.
Short-stay furnished apartments
Short-stay furnished apartments

Short-term lеasеs and flexіbіlіty.

Uniquely Furniture Options and Customization to Specifically Fit Your Needs

Quality furniture is important to us here at Bedford Housing. From our beds to our couches, we ensure that you have furniture options for your extended stay. Your comfort is our top priority for you. We strive to make your stay, as pleasant and convenient as possible.



With sofa-sleeper options if you have a visitor or just need the extra bed.


Also, some apartments offer a Living Room Sectional so you can spread out, put your feet up and relax. 


  • If you need a roll-a-way bed, this is another option we can provide which fits a Twin mattress or you can easily fold up to conserve space.


  • All beds in Master Bedroom are Cal-King Size which is ideal for anyone over 6’ tall so that your feet are not hanging out of the bed. Also, even if you are by yourself, you have plenty of room on the bed to sprawl out all your devices and materials without compromising your comfort. 


  • Bed Comfort is a priority; all our mattresses are inspected and mattress protectors on them. If you need any additional comfort, we have memory foam mattress toppers available. 


  • Bed-Swaps and furniture swaps for a $250-300 fee can be down if you want bed types reconfigured and customized, or if you need a home-office desk set are all options available to you.


  • Our interior designer at Bedford Corporate Housing purchases every item of furniture brand new. All accessories and housewares are inspected after each turn to make everything is in excellent condition prior to your arrival.


  • All decor for your fully furnished apartment is custom selected with room dimensions and architectural features in mind.
  • Bidet-Sprayers, we can customize your toilet if you wish to have installed a bidet-sprayer, which is important and a must in some countries and cultures.
  • On our filed crew, we have the capability to exchange and customize your furniture so that the apartment is specifically set up to your specifications. Items sometimes include, black-out curtains for late sleepers, built in safe for sensitive documents and valuables.



Professional Cleanliness

We want to make sure your apartment is immaculately clean prior to your move-in into your corporate apartment.

  • Before you arrive, we hire a professional cleaning service to clean, sanitize and refresh your short-term rental.


  • Each apartment if physically inspected prior to your move-in to make sure it is in tip-top condition.


  • When you move in you will already find starter sizes of cleaning products, plus a vacuum in the apartment.


  • For an additional fee, you also have the option of maid service – you decide the frequency.



Relocation Services

As we are local and live in the area, we have intimate knowledge of Los Angeles, so we staff can provide you extensive information for your relocation, as well as assist in connecting you with:

  • Local Communities, Events, & Entertainment


  • Recommended Restaurants, Cafes and places to go


  • Schools (Public and Private)


  • Local Storage & Moving Services


  • DMVs & Additional Government Offices


  • What if you are going to be in the market to look for a home purchase in the future and need to t start getting a feel for the market and see what options are therefore you?


  • Real Estate Agent – Erik Brown with Compass Real Estate is a very experience broker in the Los Angeles marketplace who we work with and has placed clients when needing a short-term rental. However, if you are going to be looking to buy, he can provide you insights, market studies and options if you are going to be looking to make a home purchase.  So, you can transition smoothly from your temporary apartment to your new home without interruption. 



About Erik

He is an advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, and author. Erik has sold hundreds of properties in multiple states, as well as having started and sold many investments, businesses and. Erik is an attention to detail and articulate agent. His detailed and thought-provoking views of the home buying and selling process has made him a sort-after for speaking engagements across the USA.



Maintenance Requests


Maintenance Requests: if you have a building maintenance request, upon notification, we will immediately place the work order on your behalf.  This is usually for an emergency, HVAC, electrical or plumbing issue related to the apartment.  We just must know if you give the building maintenance “Permission to Enter (PTE)” if you are not home.  This usually means the repair will be completed quicker.  However, if you prefer maintenance to notify you prior to going into your unit, we will provide your cell phone so they can contact you directly.  For other troubleshooting issues, we can often fix it ourselves as we have experience field crew to address maintenance issues to reduce your wait time. 

24/7 After Hour Issues and Weekends

We are available during this time, if you have an issue our team can help you address any issue.  If you have a problem or an emergency, we are available to assist with any issue. 


Meet and Greet Representative for Your Arrival

When you arrive, we meet you personally to provide you with keys to your short-term rental and welcome you during a complimentary representative will check you in and make sure you know everything you need to know in your apartment.  Therefore, you will have no worries about checking in upon your arrival

  • As part of your complimentary appointment, we show you the building, the location of your apartment and your assigned parking space.


  • We explain how everything in your furnished apartment works, including technology and appliances.


  • All your questions about the neighborhood, your fully furnished apartment and getting around will be answered by our representative, who lives locally.
  • What about if you have a late-night check in? Or you are unsure on your arrival time in the evening?  We will make sure your apartment is set up with you giving you detailed instructions, whether if it’s a lock box set up, a Security Guard who will let you in, everything is taken care of.  If you have any questions upon your arrival, we are a phone call away and can walk-you through everything over-the-phone as if we were there with you. 


With all the over-looked issues that can crop up during your stay, we have you covered on all basis.  Inconveniences can be a big hassle, especially if it’s hard to contact a representative to take care of issues exponentially.  We take pride to make sure all basis is covered during your stay so that your stay is stress-free and aggravation free. 

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