The Home of Wonderful Adventures

Place yourself in a desirable coastal location whereby you are walking distance to the beach, sandy beach front attractions such as the pier, swimming, sandy aquatic recreational activities. Stroll down the beach front boardwalk to explore a variety, bars, seafood restaurants, boutiques, and fresh fish markets all from your doorstep.

Short-term apartments at Redondo Beach at Ocean Club furnished 2-bedroom.

Ocean Club Redondo Beach

310 The Village Drive
Redondo Beach CA 90277

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Sea food market near Short-term lease furnished apartment in Redondo Beach.

You have the Freshest Seafood Market on your Doorstep!

The Quality Seafood market is the best around Redondo Beach as it offers sea urchin, oyster, snails, crayfish, lobsters, and over 30 species of fish. Just select the particular fish you want and get it seemed, fried, or grilled.
You can just stroll down the path to the Boardwalk where you will find ‘Quality Seafood’ the freshest seafood market with live options to choose from including a large variety of live crabs and lobsters where you can pick the ones you want and they will steam them immediately so they are ready to eat. Also, you can choose from plenty of fresh live oysters’ selections. Next door to that is other shellfish options including fresh giant Sea Urchins that are cut in half and ready to eat which is quite a sight! Also, there is a large variety of clams, mussels, and other assortments to browse and try. Recommended because you can even walk home with your choices. Quality Seafood also has next door to the market ready to go orders of fresh fish and chips, fried calamari and other seafood options which you can casually eat with sit down benches and tables on the boardwalk or just take home.

Feel peace of Mind: Redondo Beach Is its own city inside of Los Angeles:
For most visitors and relocators, the first point of concern is security. However, Redondo Beach is a fully serviced city that has its own public works, fire, and police departments. With fully a functionally police department, it means you can stay comfortably in any of the best Corporate Apartments in Redondo Beach without feeling insecure.

Choose from many outdoor healthy activities
There is so much to enjoy from world class stores to the finest seafood restaurants to well-Serviced Apartments in Redondo Beach. Just walk down and if you are an outdoor fun lover, then get yourself ready for numerous outdoor activities such as sailing, sport fishing, biking, surfing, kayaking, whale watching, and diving.

Redondo Beach, is an advantage over other nearby cities.

Fully furnished Apartment in Manhattan Beach
This location makes an alternate choice to furnished apartments and Corporate Housing in Manhattan Beach which are in limited supply and do have the immediate beach access and limited amenities compare to you choosing Ocean Club.
Corporate Housing in El Segundo
If you going to work in El Segundo for a furnished apartment or a short-term apartment, this is a quick and easy commute where it’s easy to get to work but you have the benefit of enjoying beach life. El Segundo is an industrial city that is
Short-Term Lease in Torrance
This is also the same if you need to work in Torrance and are looking for fully furnished apartments and or corporate housing in Torrance. The Torrance is directly inland and adjacent to Redondo Beach and makes for an easy commute, but you get the benefit of living on the ocean and soaking up the Southern California lifestyle and experience.

Ocean views near monthly furnished apartment rentals at Redondo Beach.
Shopping and restaurants near Corporate furnished Apartments at Redondo Beach.

Why Redondo Beach?

Extensive Shopping Expeditions Close By
Walking distance to Restaurants in Redondo Beach
Outdoor Recreational Activities Galore in Redondo Beach
Whale Watching Experience
Outdoor Recreational Activities Galore in Redondo Beach
Local Farmers market for Fresh Produce

Six Most Places to Visit in Redondo Beach

Your trip or adventure won’t be completed without visiting any of the following places. These places are just a glimpse of what the city offers as there are other unmentionable spots that are worth visiting.

Redondo Beach Marina
The Strand
Redondo Beach Art Performing Center
The Seaside Lagoon
Redondo Beach Pier
In house gym at Ocean Club furnished 1-bedroom - Short-term apartments at Redondo Beach