All Apartments are Professionally Cleaned, Sanitized and Detailed Prior To Your Move-In

Bedford Corporate Housing furnished apartments offer safety and comfort from COVID-19 as all units are professionally sanitized and thoroughly disinfected.

Level of cleaning

Addressing COVID-19 Head On - Bedford Corporate Housing provides you an expert level cleaning and sanitization prior to your arrival. Now more than ever, Bedford and its professional cleaning staff is further raising the cleanliness bar even further to ensure you complete peace of mind in a pristine, 100% sanitized environment when you stay with us. Below is Bedford’s exclusive “14-point disinfecting program” so you understand exactly what our staff is doing to protect you and your family.

Disinfecting Program

Non-carpeted floors mopped with pure Lysol concentrate and 50% hot water 2. Bathroom floors, counter-tops, tubs and tiles cleaned with bleach 3. Window, mirror, door handles all sanitized with alcohol 4. Walls wiped down with Lysol 5. All carpeting and rugs peppered with baking soda and then vacuumed.

Addressing COVID-19

Bedding and bathroom areas - all sheets, bed pads, towels floor mats and throws, washed with very hot water, extra Clorox dryer is set to high for 40 to 60 minutes 7. Floors, furniture, doors, kitchen counter tops, refrigerator in and the top of the refrigerator, drawers and cabinets inside and out are sprayed with Lysol 8. Stainless appliances are cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial Lysol, then sprayed with Pledge 9. Upholstered furniture and carpets are shampooed, then sprayed with Lysol and left with an air purifier for 24 hours to remove any chemicals 10. All dishes are handwashed and left in dishwasher to dry at high heat.

Fresh Air Quality

All appliances are disinfected with antibacterial Pledge. Furniture is moved so our staff cleans underneath and around all hard-to-reach areas. 24 hours after professional cleaning, each unit is inspected and detailed to perfection. Air purifier/ozone machine is placed in each apartment for 12-24 hours to eliminate and deodorize the entire apartment of any cleaning product chemical scent, leaving the apartment fresh and sparkling.