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Hospital Housing for Medical Stays in Los Angeles

If you must have medical treatment or a procedure in Los Angeles like at UCLA Medical Center or at Cedar Sinai Medical Center renting a furnished apartment for a medical stay in Los Angeles might be the ideal option for an assortment of reasons.

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Close Proximity to Medical Centers

Doesn’t waste time. If you need to go back and forth to the hospital, you can choose from furnished housing options for medical stays in Los Angeles that are conveniently close to your hospital where you are receiving treatment.

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Why Not Be More Comfortable?

While convalescing or recovering from treatment or a procedure. Having more space than a furnished apartment for medical stays allows you all the conveniences in a far more comfortable environment compared to a hotel. Along with having triple the space, you have a Washer/Dryer in Unit, Walk -in Shower options, Full-speed kitchen, private high-speed Wi-Fi, spacious call-king beds and on- site parking all included.

Ideal for Families

For patients and families alike, if you have family staying or visitation, having a 2 or 3 bedroom can be very convenient and easier to make your stay more economical and comfortable compared to staying at a hotel. This can make trips back and forth to the hospital and the apartment quick and easier for everyone.

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Flexible Lease Terms

Sometimes you just don’t know how long treatment and procedures will take for recovery. Doctors sometimes don’t exactly know how long everything will take. That’s why choosing a furnished apartment as your hospital housing option in Los Angeles allows you to go on a month-to-month lease term with only a 14-day notice to vacate. This gives you the flexibility to know that you only need to rent at the time you need the apartment and nothing more. We often work very closely with patients in medical stays to make sure they don’t need to pay unnecessary rent if the medical center discharges the patient.

Elective Surgery & Treatment

If you are looking for the comfort, discreteness and privacy while recovering from surgery, A short-term rental in Los Angeles for medical stays might be your best option because your furnished apartment for medical stay in Los Angeles has everything you need and allows you to customize your lease with the option to extend if necessary.

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What locations should you be looking for?

UCLA Medical Center & Ronald Reagan Medical Center: Recommended look for hospital housing in Westwood/UCLA location which is walking distance to the medical center. Also, the Wilshire Corridor/Westwood location is also an ideal location close by.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center: Choose from a variety of buildings close by on the Beverly Hills. Also, another option is the Wilshire Corridor/Westwood, which many patients like the full-service building with only a 16 minute/4.3-mile drive distance.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: If the need to come in for pediatric treatment and need furnished housing. Glendale is an ideal location and ease of accessibility 20 minutes/ 5.5 miles away. With the Americana at Brand, an outdoor shopping mall full of entertainment, restaurants and shopping makes this an ideal location when looking for immediate things to do that are walking distance from your furnished apartment that is close to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

USC Medical Center: Choose from the Downtown LA location with luxury high rise buildings only 16 minutes/5.5 miles away.

Having housed many patients for medical housing needs in Los Angeles, call so you can find out your options.

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Get the Hospital to Consider Providing Hospital Housing Rental Assistance!

An issue that can be overlooked is that even though a patient had a medical issue that led to their initial hospitalization. Sometimes patients don’t have a medical reason to remain hospitalized for most of their stay.

Legally and morally, hospitals cannot discharge patients if they have no safe place to go. So, patients can end up occupying hospital beds for weeks or months — even after their acute medical problem is resolved.

Hospital Bed Issue:
Also, they are motivated to free up more ER beds for patients with more critical needs.

Hospitals want to be prepared for life-threatening conditions so if most of the beds are taken up by someone who can instead be receiving patient care close by, then they might be motivated to assist with a furnished apartment.

Therefore, for hospitals, it means losing money because a patient lingering in a bed without 24/7 medical problems doesn’t generate much, if any, income. Meanwhile, acutely ill patients may wait days in the ER to be moved to the floor because a hospital’s beds are full. You can use the point that it will be far less expensive for the hospital to help pay for short term housing as it helps their financials as well as free up capacity for the patients that need acute care.

Rental Assistance

No Need for 24/7 Hospitalization

This is where discussions with the hospital whereby living close to hospital in a short-term apartment might be ideal when only visitations are required without 24/7 monitoring after stabilization.

Housing Vouchers:
Check into housing vouchers for frequent users of the emergency room, sometimes hospitals will offer them. Please check with the hospital because with recent federal policy changes have encouraged hospitals to allocate charity dollars towards housing, many hospitals realize it’s cheaper to provide a month of housing than to keep patients even for a single night!

Hospital Motivated by Savings

Once patients received housing vouchers and found stable housing, though, costs began to drop.

Hospitals are businesses and nonprofits are businesses,” They are bottom-line, dollars-and-cents people. Therefore, once you point out their potential savings, they could be more likely to collaborate with you regarding short-term housing accommodations.

Getting patients into housing can lower their costs and increase their operating margins.

Because of this issue, it is worth checking to see if the hospital will pay for part of the housing because they might be motivated as it will end up being significantly less expensive for them if the patient is in proximity vs being hospitalized.

The hospital really is like the most expensive form of housing. Therefore, it’s worth exploring if the hospital will pay for the housing portion itself. Because That will still be far cheaper than what the hospital currently spends.

For example, it’s not uncommon for a hospital to spend at least $3,000 a night to keep someone hospitalized. Patients who are prime candidates for the transitional units stay on average 73 days, for a total cost to the hospital of nearly $200,000. The hospital estimates it would cost a fraction of that to spend on short term housing, for the same period of time.

Because hospitals are generally paid a fixed amount for a given diagnosis, the longer a patient stays in the hospital, the more money the hospital loses.

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Improve Patient Recovery

A recent report from the Urban Institute found that while most hospital administrators are well aware of how poor housing affects a patient’s recovery, they were stymied about how best to address the issue.

The report found housing investment has been more likely among hospitals with their own health plans or other types of arrangements in which they receive fixed amount of money to care for patients.

This really helps the hospital because they now know where their patients are located in close proximity, that is a safe place to live, which can be more effective in managing their chronic conditions.

The patients with stable housing were more likely to make it to their primary care and specialist appointments, more likely to stay on top of medications and keep their chronic conditions in check.

Affordable Care Act

There is also the Affordable Care Act, which requires hospitals to perform a community needs assessment to help guide their charitable efforts. That prompted more hospitals to consider the social needs of their patients and pushed housing concerns up the list. Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service clarified in 2015 that hospitals could claim housing investments as charitable spending required under their tax-free status. And provisions included in the 2017 tax cut bill provided significant tax savings for investors in newly designated opportunity zones, increasing their interest in affordable housing projects.

UCLA Medical Center Housing Assistance:
The Housing Assistance Program provides low-cost housing options to eligible families to lessen the stress of money worries, freeing families to focus on their recovery rather than where they will sleep or eat.

For the numerous patients and their loved ones who require lodging, these monies are quite helpful.

With the aid of this program, families can get information about potential financial support from their own private insurance.
There is a Financial Assistance Form if you believe you could be eligible for this program.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Veronica Barrera
UCLA Medical Center Housing Assistance Program

Phone: (310) 825-9226 / Fax: (310) 794-8134
900 Tiverton Ave., Los Angeles

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