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Furnished Apartment vs Hotel Accommodations

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Renting a furnished apartment in Los Angeles for an extended stay of more than two weeks can be much more economical than staying in a hotel for several reasons, including size, cost-effectiveness, and amenities offered just introduce a few. Furnished apartments provide a better value proposition for longer stays for many more reasons that will make you rethink how your future travel plans when visiting a busy city for more than ten days at a time. At Bedford Housing in Los Angeles, we go out of our way to make sure our furnished apartments allow the highest level of convenience to our guests including everything one could need for an extended stay that typically would not be provided in any standard hotel room or suite.

Firstly, the size of the accommodation is a significant factor. On average, hotel rooms in Los Angeles offer limited space, typically ranging from 300 to 500 square feet. In contrast, furnished apartments in the city often provide much more space, with sizes ranging from 500 to sometimes over 1400 square feet (Bedford Housing offers multiple units of this size), depending on the number of bedrooms and layout. This quadruple increase in size allows for separate living areas, bedrooms, a full kitchen, and sometimes outdoor space such as balconies or patios, which are rarely found in standard hotel rooms. This additional space is not just a matter of comfort but also functionality, allowing guests to have distinct areas for sleeping, working, and leisure, thus creating a more home-like environment which is particularly important for longer stays.

Economically, the cost per square foot plays a crucial role. While hotel rooms may seem cheaper at a glance, the per-night cost often ends up being higher than that of furnished apartments when considering the length of stay and the space provided. Furnished apartments typically offer a flat monthly rate that becomes more cost-effective for stays longer than two weeks, as the price per night decreases significantly when amortized over a month or more. Additionally, hotels often charge extra for services such as internet access, parking, and laundry, which can add a considerable amount to the total cost. In contrast, these amenities are commonly included in the price of renting a furnished apartment, leading to further savings. Bedford Housing includes all utilities, amenities, parking and cleaning all included in our monthly rent for our guests.

Moreover, furnished apartments in Los Angeles usually come with a fully equipped kitchen, which offers significant savings on food expenses. The ability to cook meals in the apartment can dramatically reduce the cost of ordering room service or eating out, which is often a major expense when staying in a hotel. This is particularly advantageous in Los Angeles, where dining out can be pricey. The savings on food alone can be substantial over a two-week period or longer, providing a strong economic argument in favor of renting a furnished apartment. Bedford Housing also provides a package of complimentary cleaning supplies for our guests. Apartments include dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, bath soaps, towels and linens allowing guests to not stress about buying supplies upon arrival promoting further financial savings.

In addition to economic benefits, furnished apartments offer greater flexibility and a sense of normalcy that can be crucial for longer stays. Unlike hotel rooms, which are designed for short-term stays, Bedford Housing’s furnished apartments are set up to provide a comfortable living environment that can accommodate the day-to-day activities of “normal” life, such as having guests over, hosting small meetings, or having a family dinner. This flexibility can greatly enhance the quality of stay and overall experience. Bedford Housing provides highly flexible lease terms especially in specific submarkets where we allow leases as short as ten days (depending on market and property)

The ability to use apps with secure internet allows guests to enjoy media and browse the internet as if they are in the comfort of their own home. The privacy of not having to interact with hotel staff or worry about housekeeping knocking on door at random hours is a luxury when traveling for extended periods of time. Nobody has the keys to your unit the only other keys are copies in case they are lost. There aren’t staff roaming the premises who can access the suite at any moment.  The use of a private kitchen allows you to save money on food rather than room service. Also apartments allow the option to entertain Utilities and services in furnished apartments also contribute to the economic benefit. Typically, these apartments include utilities like electricity, water, gas, and sometimes even cable TV and high-speed internet in the rental price. The inclusion of these services can lead to significant savings, especially in a city like Los Angeles where utility costs can be high. Furthermore, many furnished apartments offer cleaning services, either included in the rent or available for a nominal fee, providing hotel-like amenities while still offering the larger space and home-like feel of an apartment.

Another financial aspect to consider is the avoidance of hidden fees. Hotels often have additional charges that can accumulate quickly, such as resort fees, parking fees, and service charges. These fees can significantly increase the overall cost of the stay. Furnished apartments generally have more transparent pricing with few, if any, hidden costs, allowing for better budget management and cost prediction over the duration of the stay. Bedford Housing provides all of the costs upfront including them in the lease so clients are not blindsided upon check-out which frequently happens at the end of hotel stays.

Long-term stays in a furnished apartment also offer the advantage of personalized space. While hotel rooms are typically standardized in terms of design and amenities, furnished apartments can offer a variety of styles and configurations, allowing tenants to choose a space that best suits their personal preferences and needs. This personalization can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable stay, contributing to the overall value received from the accommodation. Bedford Housing offers a variety of studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and townhouses across the Greater Los Angeles area, satisfying clients with all kinds of preferences.

Finally, the strategic location of furnished apartments in residential neighborhoods provides an authentic living experience, offering insights into the local culture and lifestyle of Los Angeles. This is something that hotels, which are often situated in commercial or tourist areas, may not be able to offer. Living in a neighborhood allows guests to discover local shops, restaurants, and parks, further enhancing the experience of their stay and providing a more economical option by accessing local markets and services. Bedford Housing’s furnished apartments at Runway Playa Vista is the only accommodation option when staying in the area since the town does not offer any hotel options. In several submarkets throughout LA, we provide furnished apartments in areas that could not be enjoyed intimately with a hotel reservation.

In conclusion, renting a furnished apartment in Los Angeles for stays longer than two weeks presents a compelling economic argument along with a high convenience factor compared to staying in a hotel. The combination of more space, cost savings on a per-night basis, the ability to prepare meals, the inclusion of utilities and services, fewer hidden fees, the potential for a more personalized living space, and the authentic local experience all contribute to the many reason why staying in a furnished apartment for a long stay in Los Angeles is your absolute best option. Bedford Housing is always available to host guests throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.