Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles


Are you looking for a luxury furnished apartment in Burbank, the ‘Media Capital of The World’, next door to all the Studios? Bedford Corporate Housing has got you covered!

Burbank is home for the majority of the major movie studios in Los Angeles, giving you the convenient opportunity to network and connect with a plethora of influencers in the entertainment industry. Thousands of entertainment industry professionals who reside in LA work in Burbank. It is the hub of many entertainment companies – a Hollywood star-filled neighborhood, nicknamed the “Media Capital of the World.”

Introducing Talaria, a brand-new community with fully-furnished, state-of-art corporate apartments in Burbank. You’re guaranteed to enjoy pure comfort of the highest standard.

Offering you 1, 2 & 3-Bedroom Fully Furnished Apartments Options on a Short-Term Lease in Burbank at Talaria Burbank with Unparalleled Amenities:

When it comes to the high taste of luxury and grand comfort, these furnished apartments in Burbank are undoubtedly designed to provide the glamour of an ultra-modern lifestyle and elegant community living.

  • Large, spacious master bedrooms with attached bathroom for extra privacy.
  • Walk-in closets with built-in drawers give you extra room and spaces to store your clothing.
  • Extra-long patios and balconies allow for complete patio outdoor furniture sets, so you can spend more time relaxing outside your
  • NEST thermostat – state-of-the-art digital central air conditioning control panel, which is easy to read and adjust, compared to traditional thermostats.
  • All apartments come with programmed keyless entry doors. It’s easy to reprogram the code to make sure no one has access to your
  • All apartments come with two-door fridges and icemaker to give you a state-of-the-art feel, ease of use, and convenience.
  • All apartments are spacious and roomy with 9’ ceilings.
  • Windows are adjustable to allow fresh air or completely open up to give you a fresh breeze inside your apartment.
  • All apartments come with high-speed private WIFI network and Roku TV, so you are not sharing with anyone else.
  • Gated garage with assigned parking spaces for each apartment.

‘Hello Alfred’ is a complementary weekly service designed to save you time, and it comes with your rent. Just download the app and enter your apartment information and away you go. You have these time-saving, convenient options:

  • Apartment Spiffing: Optional weekly apartment spiffing, including bed making, taking out your garbage, tidying up your countertops and kitchen sink, so they’re dish-
  • Laundry: We will pick up your weekly washing, and bring it back fluffed and folded.
  • Grocery pick up: give us a list, and we will pick up and buy your groceries for you, place necessary perishable items in your fridge, and just charge your account for the items purchased.
  • Dry Cleaning: We can pick up and drop off from your apartment, saving you a chore.
  • A super-large Whole Foods Market is attached to the building, which has everything you could possibly need, whether it’s a coffee, a bar area, sandwich, salad, pizza, or just grocery shopping – everything is walking distance from your
  • Large pool which is easy for doing laps.
  • Tons of open-air lounge space by the pool and private cabanas,plus other locations for privacy, peace, and relaxation.
  • Onsite barbecue gas grills in main
  • 2nd-floor 24/7 state-of-the-art fitness center, so you can work out any time.
  • Indoor lounge area, where you can play pool, enjoy the sofa area, a bar area to keep cold drinks, and watch the game on a big screen TV in close proximity to the pool area.
  • An on-site iPic style luxury seating movie theatre that can be rented out for a fee, where you can watch movies on DVD, watch sporting events, or regular cable TV.
  • Gated community with gated garage and assigned parking spaces come with your apartment
  • There’s also availability of electric car stations with the correct voltage for a Tesla.
  • Lounge space on the top floor in the northeast corner, overlooking the Burbank mountains and offering tables where you can bring your own cold drinks and food.
  • Pet Friendly: There is even a doggie washroom, where you can wash and shampoo your pet, along with a dog run on the side of the building, where your dog can be let off
  • The 3rd floor has a business center with free Wi-Fi and a cyber café-style room, where you can log in and work on the complementary Wi-Fi.
  • There is even a massage room that you can rent by the hour to have your masseuse come to the building, plus a hair salon, where you can have your hair stylist come in to prepare you for the next event.
  • For high-end dining, you have a Morton’s of Chicago steakhouse directly opposite the building

Over the last decade, there’s been a tremendous upsurge in the influx of business enterprises and individuals in Burbank, especially media houses and entertainment companies, so this places you conveniently in the neighborhood of:

  • Warner Bros Studios
  • Universal Stduios and City Walk
  • Disney Anamation Studios
  • Nickleodeon Studis
  • NBC Studios
  • ABC Studios
  • Burbank Studios
  • The Cartoon Network

Living in Burbank will offer you a picturesque urban feel. The heavy presence of big entertainment companies and movie studios like Walt Disney, NBC, Warner Bros, ABC, Universal, and Burbank Studios can help expedite your chances of networking and pursuing your career in the entertainment industry with a short-term lease in Burbank.

Your Talaria temporary furnished housing in Burbank now has one of the best grocery stores offering Americans a variety of organic and natural food options; Whole Foods Market opened their doors to the residents of Burbank on June 20, 2018. It is more than just a grocery store; it’s a must-visit dining and drinking destination for anyone who’s visited Burbank.

As the current industry-leading natural and organic community market in Burbank, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality standard foods, easy meal solutions, organic, and non-GMO food choices.

Talking about studio tours, brace for the ultimate Hollywood experience! Discover and experience 24 hours of action-packed entertainment all in one place, with adrenaline pumping park rides, shows, and live action in the movie studio. The Universal Studios tour gives you the best experience to take home; it’s even more fun when the whole family goes together. Also as an adult, the legendary studio tour of Universal Studios will leave you gasping for more air – mainly when you ride on one of those nerve-wracking rollercoasters. The side attractions in Universal Studios are something to behold. More so, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll find the Universal Studios tour very exciting.

On the other hand, Warner Bros. Studio is one of the most iconic names in the movie and entertainment industry. Their studio tour is also very eventful and well planned. Guests can take a ride on a trolley and learn about the history and past production achievements of the company. The tour guest will be shown many backlots to explore DC universe series (such as Batman), plus Robin Hood and Harry Potter. There’s also the soundstage trip, where tour guests get to find out what goes on behind the scenes of every movie, the production process, and lots more.

Living close to so many industry studios has its perks – especially for kids. Universal Studio’s theme park is a fantastic destination for your kids to explore, similar to the Warner Bros. and Walt Disney studios, which both offer tours for kids. Kids can also advance their skills in gymnastics and horseback riding without ever leaving Burbank. Adults, on the other hand, aren’t exempted from the bliss of residing in Burbank, as there’ll always be numerous opportunities to see your favorite TV shows being taped live. You’re also able to participate in live studio shows, like “The Big Bang Theory”, “Conan”, or “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” all for free.

More so, if you’d like to feel what goes on behind the scenes of every box office movie and TV show; or even watch your favorite Hollywood actors in action, then Burbank is an ideal place for you to call home.

For writers who want to get their first big break in the industry, or new writers who would love to get a contract to write for a new comedy show or TV series, there’s also a great place in Burbank for them to hone their craft. In the Writer’s Store, writers are consistently groomed and taught how to self-publish a novel or get people to care about their new screenplay. They also are educated on the history of the best-designed Hollywood sets of all time and much more.

This Burbank-based festival will give you a free glimpse of just how much talent lives in the city. Here, you’ll find everything from succulents to hand-painted posters, live drawings of models, and lots of other fun stuff. The yearly Burbank Arts Festival brings different artists and world famous animators from the film and TV industry to Burbank.

Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities on Magnolia is one of the biggest gems out there in Burbank. Not only is their shop / rotating museum-gallery fun to wander, but there are also vintage items for sale that no other vintage shop is offering. They also have one-of-a-kind events. Their events consistently win Best of LA. Many pop artists search for their shows, and celebs and quirky art collectors know of it, but there is still a lot more for people to unravel about the place. There’s always something people have to find or may not know about the place until deciding to visit.

Flappers Comedy Club is a place where most comedians in Burbank break their teeth on the hard crust of stand-up comedy. It’s a well-known destination for everything humor-related in Burbank. If you’d love to relax and have a good dose of laughter on the weekend, Flappers Comedy Club is the place to visit. This lively comedy club has been in existence since 2000, and they are still able to put out quality shows each year. Flappers Comedy Club has hosted various famous comedians and up-and-coming comedians in the country over the last decade. Their quality comedy performances and well-garnished delicious food are second to none.

Burbank has dance class studios, as well. The Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre was created in 2001 and is one of the best dance companies in the Los Angeles area. They have very talented dancers who have performed in other ballet companies across the world. It serves the metropolitan Los Angeles region by performing captivating ballet performances and offering educational programs. Formerly known as Media City Ballet, its contemporary dance group gets its inspiration from a variety of music genres. Their upcoming ballet, ‘Carmen’, is paired with a wine tasting event and a silent auction. It’s a must-see event when you visit Burbank.

Bedford Corporate Housing is a corporate housing company that has the exclusive right to provide short-term luxury furnished apartments in Burbank at the exclusive Talaria. You can waltz into a life of grandeur with our high standard and distinctively furnished apartments.

We have got you covered with flexible and customized options to fit your needs.

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