Frequently Asked Questions
Corporate Housing in Los Angeles


Welcome! Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and tips about furnished apartments in Los Angeles and your upcoming stay to make your transition to your Bedford Corporate Housing residence go smoothly.

What is “furnished housing” or also known as "corporate housing"?

Corporate Housing is a generic term use to refer to a fully furnished apartment with a short-term or flexible customized lease which includes all utilities furniture, beddings, linens, towels, TVs, kitchen wares and household supplies included in one price with no set-up required. These apartments are move-in ready. You avoid the hassle, coordination and expense incurred with break lease mentalities, furniture rental costs, utility set costs and coordination and premiums required on traditional 12, 6 & 3-month leases.

What is the difference between staying in a furnished apartment vs staying in a hotel?

The added benefit is that for a 30+ day stay, residing in a furnished apartment you have the benefit of it being much more economical compared to a hotel, space, having your own Washer/Dryer, having a full kitchen, more closet space, sharing a space with friends and family members, and more autonomy.

How can I get more affordable corporate housing in Los Angeles?

Our goal is to provide different options to meet one’s budget. We provide units to meet different budgets in different desirable locations. For example, we have studio furnished apartments, and all our units have sofa sleepers … for example a 1 bedroom can easily sleep three occupants and a 2 bedroom can easily sleep 5 occupants making units more affordable. In fact, for a 30 day stay, an apartment is a more affordable option than staying in a cramped 350 square foot hotel because you avoid the occupancy tax, save money on eating out all the time and have the convenience of avoiding dry cleaning charges.

What is standard in the furnished apartment?

All of our apartments are in gated communities which have a Washer & Drying inside the unit, a full-sized kitchen, assigned parking spaces, 100-200 MBUs private WIFI Internet speed, with expanded cable, and Netflix, hobs access etc., elevator, trash chutes located on each floor.

Can I pay on a credit card?

Yes, you can pay on a credit card by filling out a credit card authorization form. This form of payment is very convenient but we because we are charged approximately a 4% Transaction fee from the credit card merchant services company, we split the cost by charging 2% per transaction fee.

What kind of lease do I sign?

It is a boiler plate standard 3-page Apartment Owners Association Lease that you sign plus addendums for furnished housing. A copy of the lease and addendums can be viewed on the Privacy page.

Are Pets allowed?

Please check with your agent because it depends on the apartment community. Any breed restricted dog’s a is not allowed. Generally, there is an additional $500 Pet Deposit per pet and $100 pet rent per month. Additional cleaning costs are associated with pets.

What if I need to break my lease?

You are responsible for all the rent during the dates of your signed lease agreement. However, please notify us as soon as possible if you need to leave early because we can refund you the balance of the dates when the unit is released.

What if I need to extend my lease?

We can extend your lease with a Lease Extension addendum to your lease with the specific rates and dates required. Please notify us as soon as possible so that we can try to keep you in the same unit. However, depending on our calendar, this sometimes might require a transfer to another unit if the unit is already booked.

Who is my first point of contact?

Your agent is your first point of contact for any questions or maintenance issues. However, sometimes the Greeter who checks you in will give you their business card so we can address an any technical issues.

If I don’t like my unit, what do I do?

We have a large inventory of units and locations. We will always be responsive to address any issue you may have. If you do not like the unit, we will strive to provide alternative options and dates.

What is the best temperature to keep the thermostat at?

When it hot or cold, we recommend keeping the temperature set at 75/76 degrees and slightly adjusting it to your desired level when in the unit. If kept at a very low or high temperature constantly, it is not unexpected for there to be too much strain on the AC Unit causing which can cause breakdown which can sometimes be 2-3 days before repair.

How do I make sure someone is there to greet me when I arrive at the property?

We strongly recommend emailing or texting to your agent with the airline and flight number, so that the Greeter can coordinate to make sure they are located at the property the same time of your arrival.

Also, please make sure you provide your agent a phone number so that he is easily able to contact you if coordination is required.

What happens upon check in?

The Greeter will escort you to the apartment. Upon entering the apartment, they will make sure you are successfully able to log in the WIFI and provide codes. Demonstrate how the TV operates.

Then show you around the community, where the assigned unit parking spaces, pool and fitness center are locations.

What happens if I have questions once I have just moved in?

The Greeter will provide you his business card so that you can contact them directly if you have any questions or need any trouble shooting over the phone. Sometimes this is required if there is any help needed using the TV or thermostat etc.

You can also contact your agent but if you have a technical question, the Greeter will be able to assist you.

What happens if something is not functioning in the apartment or missing?

Each unit is inspected prior to move in to make sure all items are in place and functioning. However, if there is anything in the apartment that needs attention, then please contact our representative or Greeter so that it can be inspected, replaced or added.

What happens we I have maintenance and apartment building questions?

We are always your directly line of communication to the apartment Management Company on your behalf. Because you are a Guest in the community and they do not know who you and cannot assist you for any of your requests. Therefore, for all communication, please contact your Agent or Greeter and they will address any maintenance work orders or questions you may directly to the property.

Occasionally there can be special circumstances where we will advise you to directly communicate with the management company but generally we try to avoid this issue as much as possible.

What happens if I have difficulty reaching my Agent or Greeter?

If this is the case, you can always call our office and main number located on the home page so that any questions or issues can be addressed.

Replacement items for any missing items or stains on duvets, sheets, towels, throw blankets, decorative pillows that cannot be removed from washing will be replaced.

Regarding replacing anything broken, damaged, missing or inoperable in the unit. Please notify us immediately if this is the case so that upon move-in to avoid any charge and that item can be replaced.

What happens if the apartment is not satisfactory clean?

All the apartments are tougher professionally cleaned and inspected prior to move-in. However, if there are any areas of dissatisfaction upon move-in with-in 24 hours, please notify us immediately and we will send back the cleaning company complementary to complete any required areas.

When do I receive back my Security Deposit and Avoid Deductions?

Usually it is within 21 days of the checkout date or sooner. You will receive an itemized break down. Any deductions are automatically based on information received by the Cleaning company and inspections. If you are concerned about any deductions, we recommend scheduling with your Agent or Greeter, an inspection prior to your move-out date to make sure the unit is in satisfactory condition and there is nothing damaged or missing in the unit. However, sometimes we cannot determine the full condition of the unit the unit has been vacated and professionally cleaned.

What happens if I have a late check out?

Check out is 12 noon. If there are delays in checking out, it can lead to an extra day in costs and additional cleaning fees because the cleaning company must reschedule and charge as if there was a complete cleaning performed.

What if I have an emergency issue?

If you have an emergency issue in your unit such as a fire or flood, please contact us and the on-site Management Office ASAP.

What do the existing residents and management company think of short term guests and stays?

It is important to remember that you are only a Guest at the community, not a long-term Resident. Therefore, we just ask you to be quiet, courteous and respectful to all Residents and Staff at the property. If you have any issues, we are always your first point of contact resolve the issue on your behalf. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Check out time?

Please coordinate with your agent the checkout time so that it can be scheduled.

What do I do with the keys, fobs and garage remotes upon check out?

If there is no one to check out, please leave them on the kitchen counter top and take a picture to text to your agent as verification.