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                                                   What happens when a company needs to relocate an employee to Los Angeles?


Human Resources: Most Human Resource (HR) managers reach out and work with relocation companies when it comes to the employee mobilization and workforce to different cities in the USA and globally.  Thus, this can help company and employee relations to make relocation to Los Angeles go as smooth as possible. 


Multiple Items to Coordinate: Relocation professionals, also known as, Global Mobility Managers and destination service providers, help assist and work closely with HR Managers when moving to Los Angeles.  HR Managers and employees work together in conjunction with the relocation company so that every area is properly coordinated.   There are many factors that the mobility industry take care of in the business travel industry such as:


  1. Immigration issues
  2. Assisting and security work permits and visas.
  3. Working with governments.
  4. Assist with the cost of living and allowances in new city.
  5. Sorting our tax implications when moving to Los Angeles.
  6. Organizing transportation and moving costs with freight considerations of personal belongings.
  7. Helping with desired neighborhood selection.
  8. Helping with education and school districts.
  9. Help with finding the right type of relocation accommodations and housing.

So, when relocating to Los Angeles, using a relocation company, helps to reduce the stress and uncertainty of costs so that employees can transition smoothly to Los Angeles. 


Benefit of Local Market Knowledge: With the mobility industry, when it comes to temporary housing Los Angeles, relocation companies often reach out to Bedford Housing directly to see what furnished housing options Los Angeles are available. 

Corporate Housing in Relocation Assistance

Call: You can also contact us directly (888) 743-3390  if you find monthly rentals Los Angeles are a good fit for your needs and budget. Then we can help you with the coordination of your furnished housing Los Angeles needs with your relocation company.


Experience with Relocation Companies: We work with all relocation companies helping them find temporary housing Los Angeles for the mobility industry, working with many relocation companies such as Aires Relocation, Weichert Workforce Mobility and ReloQuest to name a few.   We attend the annual Global Workforce Symposium called the Worldwide ERC and can help be an additional resource if needed. 


Relocation Services Helps for a Smooth Transition: You can choose the right temporary housing in Los Angeles so that you can be productive and settle down quickly while you start your new work environment and getting used to the city. 


Lets Get Started: Call today, lets discuss your plans and needs even if you are already working with a relocation company. Sometimes their knowledge of Los Angeles might be limited so calling a local experienced representative could be a big help you to make your relocation to Los Angeles much easier.


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