Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

Corporate Housing? Hotels? Know the Difference.

What is corporate housing? This is one of the questions we at Bedford Corporate Housing get asked the most. Contrary to popular belief, corporate housing is not the same as an extended-stay hotel. We get that it can be very confusing to understand the difference, especially if you’ve never used corporate housing before. Our team spends so much time answering this question, our responses are pretty much on autopilot, but we thought it’s time to explain the difference in a little more detail. That’s why we’re writing this article today, in hopes of clearing up the confusion!

First of all, it may seem at first glance that corporate housing and hotels are strikingly similar. You’ve got furnished rooms, cable TV, linens, and all the amenities you need, like gyms and pools. The real difference between corporate housing and hotels goes beyond these things. Initially, the differences lie in things like average stay length, location variety, and living space footage – but that’s just scratching the surface.

Let’s start from the beginning. What exactly is corporate housing? To answer that, we need to travel back in time. The concept was first born in the ‘60s, when Howard Ruby, founder of Oakwood Worldwide, started furnishing homes for single adults relocating to California. At the time, these movers consisted mainly of military personnel and space engineers. Corporate housing really took off in the ‘70s, though.

The idea was highly appealing to businesspeople and corporations who loved the idea of putting up their traveling executives in fully-furnished homes with all the houseware and amenities they needed to enjoy their stay. It’s no secret that happy employees are loyal employees, after all, and studies show that if employees are less stressed and well-treated in high-quality corporate housing, they’re more likely to contribute to the overall success of an organization.

Eventually, Ruby became inundated with requests for specific types of corporate housing. That’s when he started partnering with apartment communities to meet demand, creating what we know today as corporate housing.

In a nutshell, corporate housing has become a staple demand for corporations needing to relocate employees for training, distant business meetings, and more. Corporate housing is also perfect for families and individuals who need a temporary place to stay when natural disasters or home emergencies hit.

The idea of corporate housing is utilized by multiple industries all across the world, including sports and media, technology, healthcare, and many more. Studies show that businesses big and small are able to achieve more of their goals by keeping their employees focused and engaged. Smooth transitions result in higher productivity, which makes corporate housing a hit in the business world!

Here’s the thing about hotels.

Most hotels are situated in high-traffic areas, supporting high guest turnover, along with convenient access to important amenities. People staying in hotels enjoy close proximity to airports, downtown regions, and local shopping districts. The downside is that these areas can be incredibly loud, busy, and congested, what with so many restaurants, schools, and entertainment areas operating at all hours of the night. Most employees, or anyone who’s relocating for 30 days or more, naturally enjoy a little more peace and quiet during their extended time away from home. These people also normally want to overlook picturesque nature with scenic trails for their morning runs, as opposed to parking lots and overcrowded shopping districts.

Hotels typically cost more, because of all the extra services included.

While many people would expect to pay more for a corporate apartment than for an extended-stay hotel, it is the contrary. You’ll usually end up paying far less. If you’re staying for 30+ days and are here to focus on work and/or solitude, you probably won’t end up using half of the features you’re paying for at a hotel. Furnished apartments in Los Angeles offer great benefits you’ll actually use, all of which are totally customizable for your convenience. While special requests send the price up, there’s no obligation to request anything extra.

Furnished corporate apartments in Los Angeles are situated in residential, quaint areas and often in reimagined downtown districts. This is perfect for families and workers who need to maintain some sort of normal life, as opposed to unexpected hustle and bustle during their time away. Sure, you want easy access to shops, entertainment opportunities, and places to casually wine and dine, but that doesn’t mean you want to dodge cars and crowds of people, especially when you’ve got work to focus on.

Corporate housing apartments are found in established communities that make visitors feel like valued locals, not guests or strangers. That’s what has always been missing from the hotel life. No matter how many stars a hotel has, it’s easy to feel restless and uncomfortable, and what does it mean to be part of a community? It’s about dining at your local eatery, visiting the corner bar on a Sunday to enjoy a beer and some good music, or browsing through the stores for some shopping therapy. Temporary homes offer so much more than hotels ever can, empowering residents with the ability to relax and truly live at their home away from home.

Corporate housing isn’t only available to those with corporate ties, though. Anybody can save when choosing a corporate apartment instead of a hotel. For example, let’s say you need to stay in a certain city for 30 days or more. If you were to stay at an upscale extended-stay hotel, you’d spend an average of 20% more than you would if you chose corporate housing leased on a monthly basis. Yes, that’s even if the hotel gives you monthly discounted rates!


While the average hotel room measures around 287 square feet, or 365 for an extended-stay hotel, corporate spaces offer more than double the space (for a lower cost). Hotels leave little space to move around in, stretch out, entertain guests, or even pack your clothing away when you take the bedroom, living, and dining spaces into account. That’s not the case with corporate apartments, which average 750 square feet of living space! This includes a bedroom that’s completely separate from living, kitchen, and dining areas.

Speaking of the kitchen, corporate housing in Los Angeles have fully-stocked, full-size kitchens, unlike the tiny ones found in hotels with limited space. Corporate apartments give you the power to cook at your convenience and prepare delicious home-cooked meals. Why stay at an extended-stay hotel and rack up a massive bill with take-out, big breakfast buffets every morning, and room service? Not to mention coin-operated machines just to do your laundry.

With corporate apartments, all of this is included in your unit. You’ve also got a private balcony/patio, washer and dryer, and everything else you need to feel right at home. Again, it’s about feeling like you belong, not like a stranger in somebody’s else’s home for 30+ days. Most serviced apartments in Los Angeles also feature built-in working spaces.


Hotel stays always accrue additional taxes, which can vary from a few dollars to hundreds. With short-term apartments in Los Angeles, there are no taxes involved whatsoever.

What else is included in furnished corporate apartments in Glendale?

  • High-speed Wi-Fi with uncompromised private access
  • Dedicated staff
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Utility setup
  • Cable TV
  • Full-sized kitchens with all the homeware you need
  • FREE parking, unlike at hotels who charge fees
  • Air conditioners and heaters
  • Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services
  • Free phone calls
  • Stunning contemporary art and furniture
  • Provision of all important local neighborhood information

We could talk all day about the difference between hotels and corporate housing in Glendale, as you can see. To make our point even clearer, here’s a quick comparison table we’ve put together to showcase what you can expect to find in each. It’ll also help you to understand why hotels normally cost so much more. If you’re staying in temporary apartments in Los Angeles for a month or more, you’re probably not going to eat breakfast in the dining room every day. You’ll want to explore your options locally, and things like that are exactly where you’ll save cash. You’ll also find more personal, “homely” perks you’ll never find when staying at a hotel – like a mailbox!

Short-term apartments in Los Angeles also let you bring your pets for a much lower fee than you’d pay at a hotel. Choosing a short-term lease in Los Angeles is much more similar to staying in an apartment than a cramped hotel room. A change in location does NOT equate to a change in lifestyle. That’s what corporate apartment in Los Angeles is all about.

Corporate Apartment Hotel
Laundry services Occasionally Yes
Garage parking Usually Only in high-rise urban hotels
Free breakfast No Yes
Furnishing choices Yes No
Housekeeping Weekly/Bi-Weekly Daily
Tennis Courts Sometimes No
24-Hour Reception No Yes
Private Mailbox Yes No
Free local phone calls Yes Occasionally
Pets Yes Sometimes, for a high fee

In our minds, furnished corporate housing makes much more sense economically and practically for long-term stays for businesspeople, families, and individuals for a variety of reasons. You can customize plenty of aspects for your stay while ensuring a more comfortable time with amenities that make you feel more like a local than a stranger in a new city. With furnished corporate apartments, you can customize many things – from your furniture to your homeware, the layout, and more. What’s great about a short-term rental in Los Angeles is that most also come equipped with a playpen, high chair, and crib for those traveling with babies and young children.

The longer your stay, the more sense it makes to stay in temporary housing in Los Angeles. At Bedford Corporate Housing, we are committed to helping our clients make the most informed decisions possible when staying in a home away from home. Studies show that employees, business guests, families, and solo individuals are happier and more satisfied when given the chance to stay in a corporate apartment, as opposed to an extended-stay hotel. Solitude, privacy, and comfort always create a recipe for success.

Speaking of studies, research shows that younger generations find hotels inflexible, not to mention not innovative. Millennials in particular want more freedom and space to live life on their terms, with espresso machines, smart connected home devices, and more – which are all commonly found in corporate housing in Los Angeles. Millennials and younger generations have a strong sense of community. Just look at social media and how the internet has connected the world. People today value locality and culture, and most see hotels as outdated places of isolation.

We want to help people maintain the lifestyle they know and love, proving that it’s the small things that matter. Walking your dog around the block without having to dodge between a thousand people. Working in a space that’s spacious. Cooking homemade meals. Entertaining guests. Lounging in peace by the pool with a cocktail. Being part of a community. That’s what it means to choose temporary housing in Los Angeles.

Furnished apartments in Los Angeles represent the future of temporary accommodation, and hotels are steadily going “out of fashion.” If you want to save money and stay in a place that treats you like a local, not a stranger, then corporate housing is a fantastic option for you. However, it’s important to choose temporary housing provided by a well-established, trustworthy company with great reviews, a shining reputation, and a team of housing experts ready to help you.

We understand that the ultimate goal is to stay on budget while keeping employees (or your family or just yourself) happy and content during your stay at your home away from home. For more information on our portfolio of serviced apartments in Los Angeles and how you can identify the best option for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’re here to help you make the best choice.