Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

Moving to a new city can be very stressful, especially when your priority is your career, which is what is bringing you there. Let us at Bedford Corporate Housing relieve you of that stress and help find you the perfect corporate housing in Los Angeles.

Staying in one of our luxury furnished suites instead of a small hotel room is a better option for many reasons. It is the economical choice without any sacrifice when it comes to high end amenities. Staying in our corporate housing in Los Angeles gives you the quiet and space that you need so you are recharged and ready to go for your busy days.

The issue is that when you are staying for an extended period but not long enough for a full year lease, how do you find the right place? That is why Bedford Corporate Housing is the perfect choice. Our fully furnished and fully equipped apartments are perfect for any stay that is 30 days or more.

There are no add on fees to your lease, in the way you will find with a hotel. When you are checking out of a hotel, you will often find added on expenses for internet, resort fees and parking. Bedford Corporate Housing includes all of those costs in your monthly rate at our corporate housing in Los Angeles.

We provide spacious units with high quality appliances and kitchenware. We also provide luxurious bedding, toiletries and mattresses that will ensure a good night’s sleep. We at Bedford Corporate Housing create an environment that is warm, comfortable and inviting.

Some of our amenities at our corporate housing in Los Angeles properties are fully equipped fitness centers, sparkling swimming pools, lush landscaping and walkways throughout the properties. We are in many of the most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our corporate housing in Los Angeles is located conveniently near grocery stores, mailing services, restaurants and so much more. Bedford Corporate Housing wants you to have the same conveniences that you enjoy at home.

Staying in a small hotel room for a long period is not relaxing or beneficial when needing space to work after a busy day at the office. Dining out three meals is tiresome and expensive. I think we all like to grab a quick snack or eat light, without the fuss of a restaurant.

With our corporate housing in Los Angeles you will be able to prepare meals as if you were at home. You can shop and eat the food that fits your dietary needs. Bedford Corporate Housing wants to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your stay so that you will come back and stay with us again.

We also know that sometimes situations arise and you need immediate customer service. Our professional agents at Bedford are available to handle any issues as they arise. We can support maid service, local recommendations you may need for your personal interests or additional business support. We take great pride in our customer service being the best.

You will find our corporate housing in Los Angeles to be safe and secure. Bedford Corporate Housing only provides properties that are in the best areas of the city so you can take advantage of all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Transitioning to a new area is never easy, whether it is for work or play. Please call Prestige Corporate Living today and let us take the work out of your lodging while you are in Des Moines. Our number is 800-770-1752 so don’t hesitate to call and let’s get started in finding you that perfect home away from home!