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Corporate Housing is defined as fully furnished temporary living space, commonly referred to as extended stay hotels or furnished apartments on a Short-Term Rental in Los Angeles. All furniture is ready, all facilities are on and working. You just pack your suitcase and set a check-in date. While it's not easy, learning to move to work doesn't have to be in a worrying situation. Over the years, this niche housing sector has developed continuously to stay ahead of travelers' ever-changing needs. The average daily charges are low as compared to hotel charges in many areas. Customers enjoy all the comforts of home away from home. Current developments include products such as Wi-Fi, premium cable, Roku TVs and more.....

What happens when you need a short-term rental in Los Angeles? When you must decide between reserving a hotel room for a few days or weeks and needing to sign an apartment lease for six months or more? The answer is Bedford Corporate Housing.

We offer fully furnished executive suites that are less expensive than a comparable hotel by a significant amount, but without sacrificing any of the amenities that you have with a luxury resort. Bedford Corporate Housing has the answer for comfortable and quality accommodations when you need a short-term rental in Los Angeles.

We provide a well-designed unit that is spacious and inviting. We also provide all the kitchenware and high end appliances that you will need during your stay. Our bedrooms offer fine linens, bedding and toiletries for a good night sleep.

Bedford Corporate Housing properties are of the highest of standards. Our buildings are in the best Los Angeles areas. You will feel immersed in the community and all it can offer when you stay with us.

Different than a hotel, you will not deal with noisy hallways or maid service knocking on your door early in the morning. Our comfortable and quality bedding in a quiet atmosphere will have you feeling recharged and refreshed for your busy days while staying in our short-term rental in Los Angeles.

It does not matter if you are travelling for business or personal reasons, Bedford Corporate Housing can accommodate your needs. We strive to make your time in Los Angeles a memorable one.

In our experience, people relocate from their homes for so many reasons besides business. You may need a relocation due to surgery or helping a family member for an extended period. Bedford Corporate Housing is a great place to relax and be ready for your busy days.

One of the many reasons that many people prefer a short-term rental in Los Angeles over a hotel is the option to prepare your own meals. Eating out three meals a day gets very expensive and tiresome. Bedford Corporate Housing provides the appliances and kitchenware that affords you all the comforts of your own kitchen.

When you stay in our short-term rental in Los Angeles you will find the amenities are the same as a luxury resort. We offer fully equipped fitness centers, sparkling swimming pools, lush greenspaces and walking trails around the properties.

We can arrange cleaning services, suggest local services that are important to you and help make your time in Los Angeles as enjoyable as possible. We want you to feel like a local before you leave, not just a short time visitor.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality customer service. We will answer any questions that you have and do everything we can to make this transition for you to go smoothly.

So please give us a call right away. Our number is 800-770-1752 and we will get started looking for the perfect short term rental in Los Angeles. Bedford Corporate Housing wants you to be our next guest so let’s get started helping you with this move today!

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