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Pet-Friendly Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles: Where You and Your Furry Pal Find Your Happy Place

So, You Are Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment, right?!

How can you find out which ones are, and which ones are not?  It’s very easy to find the right furnished apartment in Los Angeles only to realize at the end that the apartment doesn’t except pets!

No Worries!  You are In Luck! Your Search for a pet friendly furnished apartment is over!  Why’s that?


Pet Friendly Furnished Apartments Los Angeles

Pet Fees: The process is simple, there is a 1-time pet fee of $350 and an additional Pet Deposit of $500.  This helps cover any additional cleaning costs associated with removing any trace of a pet after you vacate the pet friendly short-term rental in Los Angeles.

Additional Cleaning: Removing any semblance of a pet does require extensive unit treatment which includes:

  1. 2-3 additional cleans to remove pet hair and odor.
  2. Pet shampoo including furniture and antibacterial fogging of the whole apartment.
  3. Detailed inspection.
  4. Ozone machine installation to remove all odor from the furnished apartment with pets.


Unit Fogging, The Routine Extra Step after a Pet Has Been in the Unit:


Standard cleaning methods are unable to completely eradicate some of the hardest to remove odors and bacteria, but the shampoo Services used have a solution. After shampooing, they always follow up with disinfectant fogging service is the solution to getting rid of germs and odors in the apartment knowing, so you can always keep so that you arrive in a sage and sanitary environment. 


Advantages of Fogging are useful since normal disinfection and wipe-down procedures cannot eradicate every germ and virus. 


Disinfectant fogging reaches regions that are difficult for conventional disinfectants to reach and provides deeper cleaning than just wiping off surfaces. The shampoo company disinfects and difficult areas to clean all carpets, rugs, sofa, and mattresses in your apartment, as well as improving the air purification and other areas that can be missed.


Is fogging with disinfectant safe? Yes, it’s safe to fog with disinfectant! The disinfecting fogger is equipped with a chemical solution that is safe and all-natural. The all-natural treatment safely eliminates all bacteria and viruses that are air- and surface-borne without endangering your family and pets.


The fogging process has a liquid solution in the bottom of the fogging machine turns into a vapor as it warms up, which is then forced out like a deep mist.


This is the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way to disinfect an area with disinfectant fogging; It’s the only way to guarantee proper disinfection.

Los Angeles Furnished Apartment Locations

Breed Restrictions: Standard Apartment building apply! What are they?

Weight limits can range from 25-50 lbs.

Commonly Restricted Apartment Dog Breeds

Restricted dog breeds include any mix of any aggressive breeds or large dogs.  This is usually due to liability reasons with the buildings insurance policy that places policy restrictions on allowable pets.  That’s why larger tropical fish tanks are often not allowed incase of flooding.  

Here’s a common list of dogs that are not allowed:  

  • Pit bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Bulldog)
  • German Shepherds
  • Akitas
  • Rottweilers
  • Boxers
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Mastiff Breed
  • Malamutes
  • Cane Corso
  • Husky
  • Chow Chow
  • Any Wolf Hybrid
  • Great Danes


Are there Exceptions?

You can always supply us with vet information and a letter which can be passed on to the property management company for their final approval. 

Service Animals:  Therea are no breed restrictions on service dogs with proper certification, veterinarian letter and photo of dog harness which needs to be kept on the pet at all times when in the common areas of the property,  then, Pet Fee and Deposit are waived.  Failure to use the identification harness at all times when on the community common grounds is considered a lease violation.    

However, the community manager first needs to approve all verification paperwork and evidence prior to move in which is not in our own control.  


Emotional Support Dog: 

Emotion Support Animals (ESAs):

Security Deposit & Pet Fees: 

There can be confusion regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA) Requiring a Security Deposit:

Is there a pet deposit required to obtain an emotional support animal? The answer to this issue is straightforward and unambiguous, in which the Pet Deposit and Pet Fee is not required if the requirements and evidence are able to be verified. 

Just to confirm, is there a pet deposit required to obtain an emotional support animal?

Is there a pet deposit required to obtain an emotional support animal? The ESA and its owner are permitted to live in rental housing without having to pay a pet deposit or any other “pet”-related fees, such as monthly pet care costs, according to a clear statement from the FHA.


So, what’s the difference between an emotional support animal and a pet?

Assistance animals include ESAs, psychiatric service animals, and service animals (think guiding dogs). These animals help their owners who have a variety of problems, be they physical or psychological.

The distinction between ESAs and pets is the animal’s owner’s documented mental health issue. Licensed mental health professionals (LMHPs) is required to prescribe ESAs to patients as a component of their therapy. Such as with anxiety, sadness, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an ESA can significantly improve quality of life.


The Purpose of an ESA Letter:

An ESA letter is given, and both the owner and the animal have legal protection under two federal statutes whenever a person is diagnosed with a mental handicap and the therapist believes that an ESA will aid the patient on their journey to recovery.

A legally binding declaration proving a person has a mental illness or psychological handicap and that they require their emotional support animal (cat or dog) to accompany them is known as an ESA letter. Your animal remains a pet without an ESA letter, and you are not entitled to exploit the advantages of ESA rules.


Cats and Dogs:

Because you must live with your ESA, a landlord cannot refuse you a place to live in rental properties, including houses and apartments. The term “reasonable” is crucial here, though, so here’s the “however.”

It is not even close to “reasonable” if you insist that your alligator or emotional support horse must live with you. The legal restrictions on reasonable accommodations are outlined in the fine print.

To ensure that owners of emotional support animals (ESAs) don’t have any difficulties when utilizing the legal protection provided by ESA regulations, recommend ESA letters for dogs, cats, and occasionally bunnies. Living with your ESA dog or cat while renting a place is definitely within the bounds of fairness!



When traveling with an emotional support animal, is there a pet deposit required? Nope!

The ACAA is another federal statute that safeguards ESAs and people with disabilities. According to this law, passengers can travel for free when using their ESA. Before you and Fido buy a plane ticket, you should finish your homework. The airlines have a say in the process even if the ACAA states that you can travel with your ESA.

Airlines now impose stringent ESA regulations because of the surge in ESA numbers on flights. Many restrict the number of animals allowed in each fight and only permit specific breeds of dogs and cats.


Exemptions from the Guideline

Being housing provider evictions possibilities still are valid in certain situations. Should your ESA be violent, damaging, or unruly, there is a good reason to terminate the agreement.

Lease Violations – Disturbances: 

Animal abuse or neglect is another reason. You will forfeit your ESA rights if you misuse or disregard them! It’s hardly surprising if your neighbors complain if the pet is causing a disturbance which is a lease violation if a bark all night long. 

Are There On-Site Dog Amenities?!!

Yes, there are! Believe it or not, select communities do have pet areas on site making it very convenient to take your pet outside while not having to stray too far from the confines of your pet friendly corporate housing apartment.

Runway Playa Vista – Walking distance to expansive pet park and hiking trials

Legacy at Westwood  – On-site dog run on side of building.

The Brand Glendale – Roof top dog run.

Talaria Burbank – Side of the building has an enclosed dog run and doggie wash station on site!

ETON Warner Center – Spacious dog run and gardens on 1st floor. 


Please No Ducks!! We once had a client who had a pet duck used for commercials! The problem was that he kept the duck on the balcony, and it was too loud in the short-term rental that’s pet friendly! AFLAC!

Noise Disturbances: Enforcement of noise disturbances from excessive barking still applies.  If this is a potential problem, a bark collar is recommended to train your dog so that it does not cause a problem in your pet friendly short-term rental in Los Angeles

Suitable Pet Friendly Apartments:

  1. 1st floor as it’s easy to take the dog out for a walk. But not required.
  2. Location that does not have many passersby in the hallway with pet-friendly short-term Rentals.


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