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Luxury Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles: Where Elegance Meets Comfort


The Legacy at Westwood – Exclusive Fully Furnished Living on the Wilshire Corridor

10833 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90024

 Are You Looking to Rent in a Luxury Building, but Need Lease Flexibility in Case You Need to Leave Early?

Are you looking for an up-scale luxury furnished apartment in Los Angeles but still unsure how long you need to lease for? Look no further than the Legacy! You can create your customized lease in a luxury furnished rental for the exact length of your stay which means you don’t have to be stuck in a longer lease paying extra rent you don’t need. Because you are renting on a month-to-month lease term, you eliminate the worry of paying 2 months lease breakage penalty apartments buildings charge for long-term lease with their required 60-day notice to vacate. Also, you can save time with a quick and streamlined process via DocuSign lease e-sign, so you can move in quickly eliminating time-consuming paperwork.

Offering You Flexible Lease Options and Extensions

 If you are unsure about how long you need to stay, no problem, with the appropriate notice, you can extend your stay for the exact number of prorated nights or months if necessary. So, unlike a standard lease agreement, you have no worries if your move-out date is TBD, as you have the option to extend as many times as you need. This means you avoid wasting your money by committing to a longer lease term than you need. Therefore, there is something liberating not being stuck in a lease. 

Therefore, choosing from a Completely High-End Renovated 1, 2 & 3-Bedroom Furnished Apartments come’s with Concierge in Lobby and Valet parking.

 Ideal for your Corporate Housing stay in Westwood If you are looking for a 5-Star Hotel atmosphere in your Short-Term Furnished Rental in Westwood, the newly remodeled Legacy at Westwood provides you with a spacious central lobby, featuring high, open ceilings.

The units include either front-facing views of Wilshire Blvd. with double-paned insulated glass that reduces the sound of traffic or quiet rear-facing units with a view of the village.

This is a highly maintained building with daily porters for the communal areas to make sure the building is upkeep to its finest.

Having Concierge Services Helps to Provide Extra Assistance and Security – Our concierge staff are located immediately in the lobby of your building and are directly accessible 24/7. 

They only grant access to your visitors, and they assist if you ordered a food delivery to your door.


No Lost Packages – Delivered Directly to Your Front Door

* The issue now for many modern apartments is managing the increased number of packages received by tenants from online ordering.

  • Many apartment buildings are not properly equipped to receive and manage the monumentally increased volume of packages.
  • This increases the possibility of misplaced and lost packages, which can be frustrating for residents when they need to receive their items in a timely fashion from a mail room.
  • You will not have this issue of retrieving your packages because it’s already automatically set up whereby the package is delivered to you, and you avoid the hassle of trying to locate it.


Food Deliveries to Your Doorstep:

This takes away the hassle of typical apartment buildings, where you must coordinate and go down to meet the delivery person at the entrance of your building at your Furnished Apartment in Westwood.

Concierge Dry Cleaning Services:

Pickup and delivery dry cleaning services available through the concierge is just an additional service that you will not find to be available with most apartment buildings.

Conference Room On-site: 

You can reserve through the concierge the private conference room for any meetings or appointments you need to have on-site. You also have access to the community Wi-Fi from the lobby. Sometimes and overlooked. 

Guest Visitations is easy:

Need your housekeeper, babysitter, dog-walker, nanny or having friends visit. No problem! Having the concierge services with notification can send up so that there is no hassle when you have a visitor coming to your apartment. This is an immense help because many buildings can be very confusing to coordinate any guest to are coming up to your apartment. Having some at the front desk who are familiar with visitors makes it much easier for you to go directly to your apartment, nerves having to trudge down to the front gate to let them in. This is an often-overlooked issue. But you can see how much easier it is for your guests when you have a concierge person to help manage your visits. 

Complimentary Cappuccino Machine in the Lobby, so there is no need to go to the local café!

Another excellent feature located in the lobby is the complimentary high-end industrial cappuccino machine, which you can access 24/7. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of coffee beverages like you find at a car dealership!

You have the option of Valet parking or Self-Parking your own Assigned Garage Parking Spots Included with your unit:

  • A great amenity included in your rent is access to two assigned parking spaces in the gated subterranean parking garage for all one- and two-bedroom units (three spots for three bedrooms.)
  • From the garage, you will be able to access an elevator to take you directly to your unit quickly and easily from your car. You also have the option of convenient, free valet parking.


  • You also have access to the Pool and Outdoor Lounge Area, which is one of the main attractions of the building:
    Located on the 3rd floor, enjoy the outdoors at your Serviced Apartment in Westwood to just chill out by the pool in chaise lounge chairs located in ample outdoor seating areas near a modern fire pit, where you have space to socialize with friends and family.  Enjoy the added benefit of the available barbecue gas grills.
  • You also have access to poolside community Wi-Fi. 


Upscale & On-Site Renovated 24/7 Fitness Center:

This updated and very well maintained fully equipped fitness center in all the equipment you need with a You also have the option of a variety of weight machines, cardio machines, free weights, spin bikes, and an aerobics/yoga room. There is adjacent men’s and women’s bathroom too. 


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations have been retrofitted:

  • If you have an electric vehicle, which is becoming increasingly popular, many older apartment buildings are not set up to manage the correct 240 voltage to charge the higher-end electric cars, which is a major inconvenience. This allows you to charge your car quickly as needed and is not always a designated spot. 


Pet Friendly: $350 one time Pet Fee and $500 Pet deposit required (refundable after move out).

Additional or Specific Amenities: Screening Rooms

Legacy doesn’t have these amenities but some communities such as Talaria Burbank and Runway Playa Vista, offer on-site screening rooms with luxury seating that can be reserved for a showing of movies. film previews, presentations, and private receptions. These can be reserved and can fit between 10-20 people. 

Recreation Rooms:

Other communities like Talaria Burbank and Runway Playa Vista to offer additional amenities like recreation rooms that offer an assortment of activities such as pool tables, ping-pong, shuffle boards, poker tables, old school retro arcade games. 


Sanitized Apartment With Quality Control

Being professional & Certified Corporate Housing and “Serviced” Apartment Provider, you receive the “Quality Control” expected with your reservation. All our apartments are professionally cleaned, sanitized, fully inspected, and detailed prior to your move in giving you “peace-of-mind” that you are in a fresh and safe environment during your stay. Alternatively, sometimes we hear horror stories about lack-of-cleanliness horror stories from clients who have stayed in another furnished apartment run by an individual based solely on price. So, it depends how important value vs price is to you.

Ideal for Many Different Types of Temporary Stays

So, if you are considering Corporate Housing in Los Angeles for a vacation or business travels, you will find there are many ideal situations whereby a furnished apartment might be ideal over a hotel. A furnished apartment is often a perfect option for instances such as: job relocation, business travel, projects, vacation, family visitations, escrows, medical treatments, home remodeling, and insurance claims. Therefore, you receive benefits such as a Full-Size Kitchen, so you don’t have the added expense of eating out for every meal. You will have significantly more habitable space for your money compared to an individual hotel room. You won’t have the hassle of running out of clothes to wear because each apartment has its own in-unit Washer/Dryer. Also, you will have your own peace-of-mind with your own exclusive private Wi-Fi network, so don’t have to worry about sharing the communal area Wi-Fi network with strangers like with a hotel. And you will have your own assigned garage parking spaces included in the rental rate. 

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