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Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles

See the difference between an unfurnished and furnished apartment in Los Angeles

Apartment Community Leasing Office rarely offer Furnished Apartments

So how do you find a furnished apartment?! If you go directly to the apartment community, most apartment buildings only offer you unfurnished apartments on a 12-month lease term. Therefore, often the advertised rental rates on their websites are only for unfurnished apartment on a long-term lease which does not include, furniture and utilities.

Apartment Communities just don’t have them

If you call around, it will be a time-consuming extensive search trying to locate furnished apartments in apartment communities. The leasing office don’t specialize in furnished apartment because they want long term leases and are not set up to support a furnished apartment in Los Angeles.

Time consuming and expensive Task!

You can sometimes find shorter lease terms such as a 3- or 6-month lease which are occasionally available, but you still need to coordinate and set up your electricity, gas, water/trash/sewer, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. Each one is from a separate company that you must call and often require a deposit when you establish services. Not only that, but you also must call a furniture rental company to get quotes of furniture packages which can cost anywhere from $1800 to $3000 a month for a fixed period.

With a furnished apartment Los Angeles all this is included and NO added set up cost for utilities as all of them are included!

Lease Break Fees

Not only that, if you decide your plans have changed, and you now need to break the lease agreement, you are stuck with exorbitant lease break fees which can cost up an additional two month rent to get out of a lease. But with a furnished apartment you don’t have this problem.

No lease break fees or paying rent when you have already moved out. With a furnished apartment you only pay for what you use.

Notice to Vacate:

You are still required to give a 30-to-60-day notice to vacate excluding the lease break fee, which if your plans suddenly change or you are unhappy with your accommodations means you can be stuck in an undesirable situation.

All you must do is give a 14-day notice to vacate which can be beneficial if your move out date might change. That means you can extend your stay multiple time if necessary.

Rental Rates:

With a fully furnished apartment on a shorter lease term, the rental rates are higher compared to a long-term lease with an unfurnished apartment that you will find online. But you have so many advantages in saving time, aggravation, and unanticipated costs.

A furnished apartment includes all furniture, all utilities, on a customized lease term

No Support if you have an issue

What happens if you have an issue? Well, if you do it all yourself, you are on your own and you will need to figure it out yourself which can be frustrating and very time consuming if you have a concern or unexpected problem.

If you go with a furnished apartment, you have your local agent, and field crew who can immediately assist with any questions, troubleshooting issues, or recommendations so that you save time and frustrations.

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