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Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles: Affordable Comfort Within Reach

Consider renting a furnished 2 Bedroom +1 Bathroom or a short-term studio apartment option allows you to stay at a much lower price point while not having to compromise on all the conveniences of a high-end apartment!

 At Wilshire La Brea, you have a variety of furnished apartment option floorplans to choose from including:

5200 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90036


  1. 2 Bedroom +1 Bathroom Townhouse Furnished Loft.
    1. This means you have 1 bedroom with a Cal-King bed + 1 Bathroom downstairs and 1-bedroom loft upstairs.
    2. Lofty ceilings on the top floor give you lots of light and openness.
    3. The top floor gives you exterior city views of skylines.
    4. The loft can be used for a variety of options including two twin beds, or one king bed, or a home office.
    5. Ideal for families with childrenroommates or having more space to either work from home or have the occasional visitor.
    6. 830 SF
    7. 2-car parking garage


 2. Studio Apartments Options Include:

    1. Everything you find in a 1-bedroom except the bedroom is not enclosed:
    2. Washer/Dryer in unit
    3. Full-size kitchen
    4. Some have patios.
    5. Queen size bed
    6. Living room and dining room areas
    7. Under 600 SF
    8. 1-car garage parking

Furnished Apartments Los Angeles


  • Amenities: Do not sacrifice the comforts and conveniences of home while you are away. With fully furnished units and convenient full amenities including pool, lounge, and Fitness Center in your building, you can move in quickly and have access to everything you will need during your stay.
  • Fully-Furnished, All-Inclusive Units – Stylish, fully furnished. Including All of your utilities are also included: electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash, high-speed WIFI network, Roku cable TV, and parking for each unit make your move-in quick and easy.
  • Kitchen with Essential Appliances and Dishes – A full kitchen equipped with all the essentials makes it simple to cook and store food in your apartment.
  • Washer/Dryer in Unit – Do laundry any time it is convenient for you with your own washer and dryer right in your unit. You will not have to waste time waiting for a communal laundry machine or worry about losing clothing.
  • Private High-Speed Wi-Fi Network – Get the important stuff done and then stream videos with a private wi-fi network that is exclusive to your unit. With a private network, you will not have to worry about the risk of hacking like on a shared network at a hotel.
  • Assigned Parking Space in a Private Garage – You will never have to search for parking during your trip for a personal parking space inside a secured private garage.
  • Fitness Center and Swimming Pools in Building – Getting a great workout is easy with a fully equipped fitness center and two swimming pools located in your building.
  • Outdoor Lounge and Grilling Areas – Take a break and enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles city views while lounging outside or grilling up some local fare.
  • Gated, Secure Community – Have peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are safe during your stay with a gated community that is provided 24/7.
  • Pet Friendly – Bring your furry friend along for the ride, so you will not have to miss them during your trip. *Inquire for list of dog breeds not permitted. Pet deposit and pet fee are required to cover additional cleaning costs to ensure there is no trace of pet odor for the next guest.


Los Angeles Furnished Apartment Locations


So, CALL NOW on (888) 743-3390 – To reserve a quality furnished rental at a lower price point.



Don’t Overlook these important considerations when looking for the best affordable furnished apartment option to fit your needs and budget:

  1. OTAs: Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) Service Fees:  Like an Airbnb or can charge an additional service fee from 14-15% on top of the nightly rate. Therefore, when searching for something in your price range, it can be misleading when only considering the advertised nightly rate which can easily put your reservation much more expensive than anticipated. Especially when you consider a 30-night stay ends up significantly increasing your costs. You might find some deals on Airbnb, but take in mind that we have received many clients who were misled by their Airbnb listing in which they complained the unit was uninhabitable and called us last minute desperate looking for a alternative option. That’s because many hosts are doing furnished rentals on Airbnb as a side hustle and might not have the necessary team to effectively manage the unit and have the man power to provide necessary quality control required of the apartment after each turnover. 


2. Save by Booking Directly: that’s why reserving directly with Bedford saves you the additional OTA service charges that are not added to the nightly rate.


3. Save on Apartment Type: As stated above, a 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom is significantly less expensive than a 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom. If you need to find something closer to a more affordable budget, consider this option as the saving can be significant. This type of rental works well for two roommates who are ok sharing a bathroom. It also works well for families with small children too. It’s generally not a practical option for four people whereby only one bathroom is just not enough. 


4. Benefits of a Studio Apt: instead of a 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom. Also as stated earlier, the studio has all the exact same features as a standard one bedroom which can make the price of the apartment significantly more affordable. The main differences are that you don’t have a wall separating the bedroom, less space,  and you have a Queen bed instead of a call-king bed. Other than that, everything else has the same features. This works out really, we for single people and couples where privacy is less of an issue, while not giving up on any apartment features and amenities.


5. The Problem Apartment Community Online Rental Rates: Looking online at apartment communities, any advertised rates found online are for unfurnished apartments on a 12-month lease not including all utilities. This can be confusing and misleading when searching for a furnished apartment because the advertised rates for this type of lease are lower when compared to a short-term lease for a furnished apartment. So don’t waste your time looking at apartment communities directly to find pricing.  


6. Budget Furnished Rentals – Are You Prepared to Compromise Quality? When price is the only issue, you could be compromising on quality, unsecure and poorly maintained building, cleanliness, no laundry in unit, slow internet, no parking, no amenities, which might be ok if its only for a few nights, but if your stay end up being a month, that compromise might be hard to take for that long.  There was an old building in Beverly Hills offering budget furnished rentals. The location was great, but the building was so poorly maintained by the landlord that the online reviews where all photos of cockroaches! 


7. Furnished Co-Living Apartments: How Important is Privacy? 1-bedrooms and studios are a more recent option. To keep the rate down, these furnished apartments usually have a 3-month minimum lease term if that works. These units’ comparison of shared kitchen and living rooms, with option to share a bathroom or have your own private bathroom. This type of furnished apartment option has now become extremely popular for students and young adults. But if you are looking for privacy and space, this affordable option might not be the best choice. Thirdly, it can be a problem when cooking and coordinating your groceries to make sure no one eats them!


8. Shared Space: You can always rent a room like on Airbnb, but you are giving up on privacy, share many communal areas, and end up being stuck in your room most of the time and always having to communicate with your host which might end up being tiresome. 


9. Extended Stay Hotels:  the main difference with a hotel and an extended stay is that you have a kitchenette included in the room which can be a problem because it might be hard to properly stock up if the fridge is too small, there is minimal closet space, They still are a similar size to a hotel room from 287-365 Square feet with either one or two beds.  But they are similar to a regular hotel. The Wi-Fi speeds are not fast which can be a problem with a lack of security and necessary speed required for work, they often include short-term occupancy taxes even over 30-night stays. Like cheap hotels, they are often not insecure environment including unsecure parking, there is only community washer/dryer in unit and lastly their constant transitory guests coming and going which can be a little unsettling if you need to stay a month. You might have a next-door guest constantly changing from being quiet to talking loudly and blasting the TV or partying. 

In conclusion, when considering an affordable furnished apartment, there are many factors that need to be considered and should not be overlooked. Hopefully, This article helps you weigh up  all the factors ahead of time so that you can make your own educated decision without any surprises. Therefore, the question is, are you willing to compromise on some of these factors? 


So, Give Us a Call – Lets diss your plans and see if we can help you find the right apartment at the right price.