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Americana at Brand

Luxury Furnished Apartment in Glendale, CA at The Americana

LIKE THE GROVE: Known as the sister but newer property to the world-famous The Grove and Farmers Market. This is one of those manufactured experiences, like Disney. A Place is so clean and well maintained.
OUTDOOR MALL: The Americana It is an outdoor medium-sized mall with a wide selection of interesting outdoor cafes, restaurants with ample seating selection and ideal for casual get to either whereby you can relax being surrounded such as Le Pan Quotient, Cheesecake Factory and Nespresso boutique ect.
LARGE SELECTION: Stroll around the large selections of outdoor kiosks and cafes while sitting outside enjoying the SoCal weather.
Great for the family and to hang out with friends You can frequent this place due to its family atmosphere and a broad selection of restaurants.
WATER FOUNTAIN: In the heart of the Americana are the elegantly choreographed and spectacular fountain Bellagio type fountains dancing to music displaces that you can view and the water fountain plays and has a show at specific times with the focal point being a spectacular fountain display late at night! Also, the dancing fountain that’s plays special every hour
RETAIL; and stunning surrounding retail shops (Apple Store, Nordstrom’s department store, Tiffany’s, Laduree, Sugarfina etc.) .and a wide selection of Branded restaurants and a movie theater. The outdoor patio inside Barnes & Noble, and the rooftop bars and restaurants give you a bird’s-eye view of it all.
NATURE: A trolley, with beatifical manicured greenery and curated green spaces, invite you to enjoy the central square (much like a piazza) with your family. This is the perfect place to hang out while “the shopper” among you hits the stores.
PARKING: Parking right next to the mall is always easy to enter the Americana and parking is inexpensive.

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