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Welcome to Bedford Corporate Housing

Offering luxury Fully-Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles including utilities and parking in the most desirable and walkable locations to shops, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. Just bring your suitcases, we take care of the rest!

Are you looking for a Furnished Apartment in Los Angeles for a short-term lease? Look no further, we can offer you a large variety of furnished units in a variety of the best areas in LA, all walkable locations to restaurants, café, shops, supermarkets, pharmacies and retail. We have a quick and streamline process so you can move-in quickly without time consuming paperwork.

How can I find a reliable corporate housing company? Based in Beverly Hills, we manage and maintain a select inventory of the finest fully-furnished Short-Term Apartments in Los Angeles for flexible stays and adaptable lease options if you need to extend your stay. We go the extra mile to give you that feeling of “home” when renting a Temporary Housing in Los Angeles.

Looking for a professionally managed furnished apartment? In our Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles, every detail has been carefully considered and designed to make you feel safe and comfortable during your stay with us offering full sets of bed linens, bath towels, housewares, kitchenware’s and small kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi, TV and Parking Included. There is nothing temporary about a Bedford furnished apartment! Please visit the variety of locations we have that best suits your Short- Term Rental in Los Angeles needs.

Bedford housing offers the ideal Corporate Housing in Los Angeles who want a home-like environment while on vacation or business travels. Our luxury apartments come with a lot of advantages over hotels For most people planning to leave their home for relocation, business travel, vacation, escrow, medical treatments, home remodeling, or insurance claims, the first thing that comes to their mind is a hotel. That’s the norm, but what if you step back a little from the norm and searched for a luxury Corporate Apartment in Los Angeles that is fully furnished for your stay?

For more information call one of our personal agents about a Short-Term Lease in Los Angeles at 800-770-1752 and let’s discuss your plans!

West LA/Wilshire Corridor

Hollywood/The Grove

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Marina Del Rey/Playa Vista/LAX

Santa Monica

Beautiful views at Bedford Corporate Housing’s property in Santa Monica. For the best furnished rentals in Los Angeles, contact Bedford.

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The benefits of staying in one of our apartments are better rates than hotels with more space and often better locations. Wondering what our luxury apartments might look like? Here are 17 reasons why our furnished apartments are better than hotels.

All our unit have guaranteed a extra long Cal-King Bed in every Master Bedroom so you have plenty of room to spread out and relax without confinement of a Queen Bed. Ideal for anyone over 6’, couples or if you need to your laptop, books and paperwork on the bed. Also relax with a TV in the bedroom too.

This is one of the most obvious benefits of staying in a furnished apartment over a hotel is the significant more space of 300 Square foot for a hotel vs 750 Square foot for a one bedroom . Since furnished apartments will generally have a separate living room and dining area (and even more living spaces if you choose an 2 bedroom apartment). You will be not confined to a small hotel room. It can definitely help you from going stir crazy – particularly if you’re on a long business trip and need to unwind someplace “homey” after a day of work. You get 50-70% more space for the same cost as a budget hotel room.

You can often find apartments with several bedrooms and bathrooms branching off from one central living area, and this can work well for couples traveling with children or with roommates – as everyone has their privacy/space but can still be together in the shared living room, Dining and Kitchen areas.

You may not be planning on doing much cooking during your visit, but the added accessibility of a Full-Size Kitchen with a Fridge, Ice-Maker and Microwave can be great option instead of always having to eat out which can be tiring after a while. , storing your favorite foods, snacks and drinks (no need to dip into the pricey mini-bar) or preparing a quick meal. It’s also very useful if you have special dietary requirements, or if you’re traveling with children. For example, with a two bedroom furnished apartment, the savings can be significant, in a hotel you could be eating out three times a day, and even if you are eating out only twice a day – could cost $200 in extra restaurant dining daily, which is an extra $1400 a week and up to $5600 a month in excess dining.

You can set up housekeeping options for the specific dates that you require services, customary in Corporate Housing is twice a month on set days. You avoid having housekeeping show up to your room every day. The frequent housekeeping can get rather annoying if you decide to sleep in and forget to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door.

In our Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles, housekeeping can be set up in advance for weekly or bi-weekly service or it conducted on an as need basis, which in our view is plenty (how often, after all, do you clean your house?). Of course, if you need them to come clean or replace something in between visits, they may for an additional fee like a home.

While most hotels will do your laundry for you, it comes at a cost, it’s generally expensive. Your Furnished Apartment will often come with an in-unit Washer and Dryer, which means you can wash your clothes for free – perfect if you like to pack light or have children who dirty their clothes quickly. This also saves you significant time in not having to use shared community laundry which is time consuming and inconvenient.

Many of our furnished apartments still have all the trimmings you’ll find in a standard hotel building, such as a pool, gym, spa, restaurants and Free On-Site Garage Parking – so you don’t have to sacrifice any amenities. Bedford housing prides itself with its ability to provide apartments that comes with all the full amenities included in the rent.   Also, the hospitality services you receive from a hotel is not sacrificed significantly, we give you the same service while you relax in an apartment that makes you feel at home.

Furnished apartments will often work out cheaper than an equivalent hotel of its equivalent, your length of stay works out to be cheaper than a fixed rate of a hotel, Bedford will take a step down for you; offering great rates for 30 Night Stays. Of course, as mentioned, the fact that you can also cook your own meals can be very cost effective.

When you book a hotel, they will first show you the price without tax, but when you book it, they will include the tax and show you the full amount which will be way more than the initial amount. This can be frustrating when determining exactly how much you are going to pay in total.

Staying in one of our Bedford luxury apartments will help you avoid the 12% hotel tax rule.

No shared network like in a Hotel – Everybody born into this internet age loves free Wi-Fi, and it’s an essential factor for the connected traveler when they’re choosing a hotel. But there’s a problem: it’s inherently unsafe to connect to a public free Wi-Fi provided which always lead to the potential to be hacked.

Bedford housing offers luxury apartments adorned with free private Wi-Fi networks. Your data is highly secured and cannot be captured by someone else.

Vacations and business travels are mostly not complete without a Cable TV which has access to Netflix. While most hotels will provide you with none, only. Standard limited cable TV. All Bedford’s apartments are fully equipped with Roku ready Cable TV with Netflix access for your convenience. This allows you the option of access to foreign language channels and specialty channel access that you receive at home which can be added immediately.

Just like any other Luxury apartment service, Bedford’s furnished apartments homes are combining real-life home experience with the services you get in a hotel, you get walkable access to restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shops, and convenience stores so you don’t have to drive around a city you are unfamiliar with. While most hotels are in areas far away from these places, and you need to get a cab or drive your car, Bedford provides you with apartments that are very close to many activities.

Furnished apartments are completely furnished, providing all the things you need in an ideal home. You don’t need to move in or move out with any other thing other than your suitcase.

From concierge services to other services rendered by several representatives. Bedford housing provides you with personal representatives that you deal with directly to answers your questions and helps you with any problems issues.

A traditional apartment complex offers a long-term rental of unfurnished apartments. The aggravation with renting one of these apartments is that the base rent is very high, you will have to manage all utilities for gas, electricity, Wi-Fi, cable TV, water/sewer. Also, you will have to get rid of all of the services when you are ready to exit the apartment. In addition, you will need to hire furniture and pay additional fees for the things you’re bringing into the apartment. It can also be complicated renting TV’s and establishing services, especially if there is a problem. You can now observe that apart from being very luxurious, running and organizing an apartment at the Glendon is capable of putting you off and it also take much time before you can get things fixed for you to settle.

Professionally Managed with our own Support Stand including Weekends and after hours 24/7: We offer 24-hour services, assisting helping in any way we can, making sure your stay goes smoothly. We can answer and troubleshoot any questions or issues that could come up. It is not uncommon for us to assist with TV and wifi questions afterhours.

Sometimes, there is apartment inconsistently if you rent online; there is the concern of booking fake and misrepresented advertisements of apartments that do not actually exist that have not been professionally cleaned or managed. We have had many instances whereby we receive bookings from clients who previously booked with another individual or company online only to find that their booking was completely misrepresented when they arrived. Desperately, they contact us afterwards to book one of our units that are all professionally maintained with a high degree of quality control.

What is the need of going through all these worry and troubles, when there is a simple means of getting a furnished unit? If you desire to have an effortless move into the furnished apartment, then that is what we offer you. Everything you need is all integrated in the apartment. All you need to do is to keep us informed on your move-in dates and we’ll send you a simple lease via email for your electronic signature. After that, you can pay for the apartment, either via credit card, cashier’s check or wire and move in.

Bedford apartments are suitable for residents with pets. The apartments are shampooed and extra detailed after a client moves out of the unit with a pet. Pets are allowed but for additional Pet Deposit and Pet Cleaning Fee. With a deep clean and pet treatment shampoo ,this leaves the apartment clean for the next person and in rent ready condition. The community is breed restricted which can be found if you do a google search for apartment community restricted breeds to see if your dog qualifies.